In 2024, the crypto market officially enters a bull market, marked by Bitcoin's surge above $69,000 on March 5, fueling widespread discussion and optimism among investors and enthusiasts.

Jonathan and Ray, influential figures in the crypto sphere, analyze the implications of this bullish trend, sharing insights, forecasts, and broader perspectives on what it means for the future of the crypto market.

The resurgence prompts reflection on the ambitious aspirations of the previous bull market, where developers, projects, and artists envisioned crypto and blockchain transforming the world, despite some unmet goals.

As the community navigates the new bull market, there is a collective effort to learn from past lessons, acknowledging challenges and unfulfilled potential, fostering a more grounded and strategic approach to crypto and blockchain's transformative promise.

The ongoing conversation focuses not only on celebrating current gains but also on understanding the realities of the last cycle, setting the stage for a thoughtful and determined approach to unlocking the full potential of crypto and blockchain technology.