In a surprising twist, the hacker responsible for the massive $320 million theft from the Wormhole (CRYPTO:W) bridge in 2022 was initially found eligible to claim a $50,000 airdrop in the newly launched W tokens.

This oversight was highlighted in an April 4th post on X by a pseudonymous researcher named Pland, who discovered that the Wormhole team had neglected to exclude several wallet addresses tied to the infamous exploit.

This lapse briefly allowed these wallets the opportunity to participate in the airdrop.

Further exploration by the Solana-based airdrop checking platform,, and subsequently reported by Degen News, revealed that a total of four wallet addresses connected to the hack were temporarily eligible to claim the Wormhole airdrop.

This incident underscores the challenges and oversight possibilities within the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space, particularly in relation to maintaining security and preventing exploitation by malicious actors.