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Australia revving up for EV rollouts in 2022

  • The global EV market was valued at US$169.95 billion in 2020.
  • Major EV makers have plans in the works to roll out more vehicles.
  • From leading EV makers Hyundai to Cupra the makes and models vary.

Sales volumes of electric vehicles (EVs) remain relatively low in Australia compared to some other companies however this year it is expected to gain momentum with a number to be released onto our shores.

The global EV market was valued at US$169.95 billion in 2020, with signs it will continue to grow as more countries take to the vehicles.

BYD, which is the brand backed by Warren Buffett, is a large battery and EV bus maker from China. It is entering Australia in early 2022 through an official distributor called Nexport, which will sell the cars online to the public.

The EA1 hatch is due to be released in the first half of 2022, while the Yuan Plus SUV is also confirmed for the first half of the year.

Hyundai?s luxury division Genesis has at least three models coming in 2022 including the ground-up-new GV60 hatch due out in the first half, along with the Electrified G80 sedan and Electrified GV70-type SUV.

Hyundai, which is one of Australia?s inarguable EV leaders, has three new Ioniq models to launch in Australia in 2022-23.

Cupra, the sporty division of VW?s Spanish company SEAT, is launching in the country with the Born EV hatch due in late 2022.

Longer term, Jaguar has a range of pure-electric vehicles to be rolled out by 2025, which are all built on a shared platform.

Looks like the year is revving up for EV rollouts.