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What does ZUSD do?
ZUSD is a regulated USD-pegged stablecoin issued by GMO Trust, a regulated subsidiary of GMO Internet Group. ZUSD is backed by real US dollars and can be used for online payments, money transfers, and DeFi applications. GMO Trust is committed to developing and expanding the ZUSD ecosystem, and to promoting its adoption. ZUSD is a valuable addition to the cryptocurrency ecosystem because it provides a safe and reliable way for people to store their value in digital form and participate in DeFi applications.
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Wyoming, US

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/Arbitrum Ecosystem /Ethereum Ecosystem /Solana Ecosystem /Stablecoin /USD Stablecoin

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Overview of ZUSD offerings
Collateralized by Crypto Assets: ZUSD is collateralized by a diversified reserve of crypto assets, ensuring its stability and minimizing the risk of insolvency.
Community-Driven Governance: ZUSD holders participate in governance decisions, shaping the future direction of the stablecoin and its underlying reserve management mechanisms.
Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism: ZUSD employs a dynamic stabilization mechanism that adjusts the supply of ZUSD based on market demand, ensuring its stability and minimizing the risk of fluctuations.
Integration with DeFi Platforms: ZUSD is widely integrated with various DeFi platforms, enabling users to seamlessly utilize it across a range of decentralized applications.
Stablecoin for DeFi Transactions: ZUSD serves as a stablecoin for DeFi transactions, enabling users to make secure and stable payments, borrow against its value, and participate in various DeFi protocols.
Transparency and Audits: ZUSD maintains transparency through regular audits and disclosure of its reserve composition.