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What does Zscaler do?
Zscaler (NASDAQ:ZS) specializes in cloud-based information security, delivering comprehensive internet and web security solutions that protect organizations from cyber threats. By providing a secure connection between users, devices, and applications, regardless of location, Zscaler enables businesses to embrace the efficiency of cloud and mobile technology without compromising on security. The company's platform, Zscaler Internet Access, and Zscaler Private Access, offer seamless and secure access, aiming to eliminate the need for traditional network security appliances. With operations globally, Zscaler focuses on innovation to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, aiming to transform enterprise network and security infrastructure to be more cloud-friendly and to enhance user experience in a mobile-first world.
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What sector is Zscaler in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Zscaler?

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Head Office
San Jose, United States

What year was Zscaler founded?

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Year Founded
What does Zscaler specialise in?
/Cloud Security /Internet Access /Data Protection /Threat Prevention /Secure Web Gateways /Private Access

What are the products and/or services of Zscaler?

Overview of Zscaler offerings
Zscaler Internet Access provides secure internet and web gateway solutions as a cloud service, offering protection against cyber threats.
Zscaler Private Access offers a cloud-based, zero trust network access service, enabling secure access to internal applications without VPNs.
Zscaler Cloud Firewall delivers next-generation firewall capabilities fully integrated within the Zscaler platform for seamless traffic inspection and control.
Zscaler Digital Experience monitors network performance and the user experience, facilitating the diagnosis and troubleshooting of issues affecting cloud application performance.
Zscaler Cloud Sandbox offers advanced threat protection with a comprehensive and scalable cloud sandboxing solution for identifying and mitigating sophisticated malware.
Zscaler Workload Segmentation provides application-to-application communication protection within cloud and data center environments, enhancing security through micro-segmentation.

Who is in the executive team of Zscaler?

Zscaler leadership team
  • Mr. Jagtar Singh Chaudhry
    Mr. Jagtar Singh Chaudhry
    Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Remo E. Canessa
    Mr. Remo E. Canessa
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Syam  Nair
    Mr. Syam Nair
    CTO and Executive VP of Research & Development
  • Mr. Robert S. Schlossman
    Mr. Robert S. Schlossman
    Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
  • Mr. Mike  Rich
    Mr. Mike Rich
    Chief Revenue Officer & President of Global Sales
  • Mr. K.  Kailash
    Mr. K. Kailash
    Founder & Chief Architect
  • Ms. Praniti  Lakhwara
    Ms. Praniti Lakhwara
    Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. William Hyodong Choi C.F.A.
    Mr. William Hyodong Choi C.F.A.
    Senior Vice President of Investor Relations & Strategic Finance