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What does ZKH Group Limited do?
ZKH Group (NYSE:ZKH) is a diversified entity with a strong footing in multiple sectors including technology, manufacturing, and renewable energy solutions. The company's operations span a global network, aiming to innovate and deliver sustainable solutions across its business verticals. ZKH Group is committed to enhancing its technological capabilities to stay ahead in competitive markets and is heavily invested in research and development projects that promise to redefine industry standards. With a focus on environmental sustainability, the company's objectives include reducing carbon footprints across its operations and leading the charge towards a greener future. ZKH Group is a leading MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) procurement platform in China, simplifying the often complex process for manufacturers. They offer a one-stop solution, connecting businesses with a vast selection of MRO supplies at competitive prices. Their digital platform streamlines the process, providing recommendations, ensuring transparency, and enabling efficient fulfillment. By leveraging their extensive network and digital tools, ZKH empowers both suppliers and customers within the MRO industry, driving cost reduction and efficiency gains throughout the value chain.
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Shanghai, China

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/Investment Company /Financial Services /Equity Investments /Venture Capital /Start-up Support /Business Consulting

What are the products and/or services of ZKH Group Limited?

Overview of ZKH Group Limited offerings
One-stop MRO procurement platform: ZKH provides a centralized platform for businesses to access a wide variety of MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) supplies, simplifying the sourcing process.
Digitalized procurement solutions: ZKH offers digital tools for efficient order placement, product recommendations, and transparent pricing, streamlining MRO procurement for businesses.
Fulfillment services: ZKH manages the entire fulfillment process, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of MRO supplies to businesses.
Comprehensive product selection: ZKH offers a vast selection of MRO supplies, catering to diverse needs of various industries.
Competitive pricing: ZKH leverages its network and technology to source and offer MRO supplies at competitive prices for businesses.
Supplier and customer network: ZKH connects businesses (customers) with a network of MRO suppliers, facilitating efficient transactions within the MRO industry.

Who is in the executive team of ZKH Group Limited?

ZKH Group Limited leadership team
  • Mr. Long  Chen
    Mr. Long Chen
    Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO
  • Mr. Chun Chiu  Lai
    Mr. Chun Chiu Lai
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Yang  Liu
    Mr. Yang Liu
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Ms. Shuangyi  Chen
    Ms. Shuangyi Chen
    VP & Director
  • Mr. Junyu  Li
    Mr. Junyu Li
    VP & Director
  • Mr. Fengyi  Bie
    Mr. Fengyi Bie
    Vice President
  • Mr. Changxiang  Yang
    Mr. Changxiang Yang
    VP & Director