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What does ZK International Group Co do?
ZK International Group Co (NASDAQ:ZKIN) specializes in designing, producing, and engineering high-performance stainless steel and carbon steel pipe products. Their operations are crucial for the infrastructure sector, with a focus on ensuring water and gas supplies are maintained to high standards. They play a significant role in water recycling, municipal projects, and the development of smart and green cities. Besides their core pipe manufacturing business, ZK International Group Co is actively involved in various innovative projects, aiming to expand its expertise into new technologies and sustainable solutions. Their objectives revolve around maintaining a strong commitment to environmental sustainability while pursuing growth through strategic partnerships and expanding into new markets.
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Where is the head office for ZK International Group Co?

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Wenzhou, China

What year was ZK International Group Co founded?

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What does ZK International Group Co specialise in?
/Stainless Steel /Piping Products /Water Gas /Infrastructure Solutions /Engineering Projects /Customized Fabrications

What are the products and/or services of ZK International Group Co?

Overview of ZK International Group Co offerings
Stainless steel pipes and fittings for water and gas supply systems, emphasizing advanced manufacturing.
ZK International's subsidiary, xSigma, focuses on blockchain-based technology and decentralized finance services.
High-precision stainless steel strip manufacturing, catering to electronics and automotive industries.
Direct investment and development in infrastructure projects, particularly water and gas pipelines.
Design and implementation of advanced piping systems, incorporating IoT technology for smarter infrastructure.
Research and development in new materials and technologies to enhance product durability and performance.

Who is in the executive team of ZK International Group Co?

ZK International Group Co leadership team
  • Mr. Jiancong  Huang
    Mr. Jiancong Huang
    Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Di  Chen
    Mr. Di Chen
  • Mr. Guolin  Wang
    Mr. Guolin Wang
    Co-Founder & Director
  • Ms. Xiaofen  Jin
    Ms. Xiaofen Jin
    Chief Financial Officer