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What does Zivo Bioscience do?
Zivo Bioscience (NASDAQ:ZIVO) is focused on the research and development of natural bioactive compounds for use in human health, wellness, and other applications. The company strives to harness the benefits of its proprietary algal cultures and the bioactive compounds derived from them, aiming to develop products that address unmet needs in food, dietary supplements, and animal health. Zivo Bioscience is committed to unlocking the potential of bioactive substances through rigorous scientific research and partnerships to bring innovative, natural solutions to market. With a dedication to sustainability and the power of nature's offerings, Zivo Bioscience works to make a meaningful impact in various industries, prioritizing health, wellness, and environmental responsibility in its objectives.
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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for Zivo Bioscience?

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Bloomfield Hills, United States

What year was Zivo Bioscience founded?

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What does Zivo Bioscience specialise in?
/Plant-based Solutions /Nutritional Products /Feed Ingredients /Biomedical Applications /Technology Licensing /Research Collaborations

What are the products and/or services of Zivo Bioscience?

Overview of Zivo Bioscience offerings
Development of natural bioactive compounds for nutraceutical and functional food markets, focusing on immune health and anti-inflammatory properties.
Algal strain optimization for high-value compounds, targeting improvements in yield and cost efficiency.
Animal health solutions aimed at improving gut health and enhancing feed efficiency in livestock and poultry.
Collaborations with academic and industry partners for the advanced study of phytochemicals and their health benefits.
Development of proprietary cultivation technologies to enhance the production of bioactive compounds and algae biomass.
Research on sustainable biofertilizers and biostimulants for agriculture, aiming to increase crop yield and resilience.

Who is in the executive team of Zivo Bioscience?

Zivo Bioscience leadership team
  • Mr. John B. Payne
    Mr. John B. Payne
    President, CEO & Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Keith R. Marchiando
    Mr. Keith R. Marchiando
    CFO, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Dr. Harlan L. Miller III
    Dr. Harlan L. Miller III
    Vice President of Technology & Global Supply