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Zigcoin (CRYPTO:ZIG) is a cryptocurrency that powers the ZIGDAO platform, a decentralized social investment platform that allows users to copy the trades of top-performing traders. ZIG holders can use their tokens to access exclusive features and rewards. ZIGDAO is constantly working on new projects to expand the ZIG ecosystem, such as developing new social investment features, expanding to new markets, and integrating with other dApps. The objective of Zigcoin (ZIG) is to make social investing more accessible and profitable for everyone. ZIG is a key part of ZIGDAO's vision for a more inclusive and decentralized social investment landscape.
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/AI & Big Data /Asset Management /Marketplace /Platform

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Community engagement: ZIG holders can engage with the ZIGDAO community by participating in discussions, attending events, and contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.
Exclusive features: ZIG holders can access exclusive features and benefits, such as early access to new features, discounts on fees, and priority customer support.
Governance participation: ZIG holders can participate in the governance of the ZIGDAO platform by voting on proposals related to the development and operation of the platform.
Performance-based rewards: ZIG holders can earn rewards based on the performance of their copied trades, incentivizing them to make informed investment decisions.
Staking and yield generation: ZIG holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards, providing a passive income stream.
Trade copying: ZIG allows users to copy the trades of top-performing traders, enabling them to benefit from the expertise and strategies of experienced investors.