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What does Zevia Pbc do?
Zevia PBC (NYSE:ZVIA) specializes in producing and marketing zero-calorie, naturally sweetened beverages. Their product portfolio includes a variety of soft drinks, energy drinks, organic teas, and mixers, all aimed at offering healthier alternatives to conventional sugary beverages. Zevia is dedicated to using simple, plant-based ingredients, promoting sustainability and transparency in its operations. The company is focused on expanding its market presence through innovation and strategic partnerships, aiming to meet the growing consumer demand for health-conscious options. Their objective is to lead a shift towards better-for-you beverages that contribute positively to consumer health without compromising on taste.
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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for Zevia Pbc?

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Los Angeles, United States

What year was Zevia Pbc founded?

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What does Zevia Pbc specialise in?
/Zero-calorie drinks /Natural sweeteners /Energy Drinks /Organic Tea /Carbonated water /Nutrition-focused

What are the products and/or services of Zevia Pbc?

Overview of Zevia Pbc offerings
Zero-calorie, naturally sweetened sodas available in multiple flavors, offering a healthier alternative to traditional soft drinks.
Organic, caffeine-free tea blends sweetened with stevia, catering to health-conscious consumers seeking natural beverage options.
Energy drinks made with clean ingredients, providing a zero-calorie boost without artificial sweeteners.
Sparkling water infused with natural fruit flavors, free from artificial sweeteners, colors, and calories.
Kid-friendly soda alternatives with zero sugar, sweetened naturally, featuring appealing flavors for younger audiences.
Mixers line, including tonic water and ginger beer, designed for crafting healthier cocktails with natural ingredients.

Who is in the executive team of Zevia Pbc?

Zevia Pbc leadership team
  • Mr. Padraic L. Spence
    Mr. Padraic L. Spence
    Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Ms. Amy E. Taylor
    Ms. Amy E. Taylor
    CEO, President & Director
  • Mr. Girish  Satya
    Mr. Girish Satya
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Bill  Williamson
    Mr. Bill Williamson
    Senior VP of Operations & Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Mr. Hany  Mikhail
    Mr. Hany Mikhail
    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Gregory  Davis
    Gregory Davis
    Sr. Director of Finance & Investor Relations
  • Ms. Lorna R. Simms
    Ms. Lorna R. Simms
    Senior VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  • Ms. Kirsten  Suarez
    Ms. Kirsten Suarez
    Senior VP of Marketing & Chief Marketing Officer