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What does Zentalis Pharmaceuticals Llc do?
Zentalis Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ZNTL) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing small molecule therapeutics aimed at addressing various forms of cancer. Leveraging its proprietary technology platforms, Zentalis is working on a pipeline of oncology compounds with the potential to improve the lives of patients by targeting the molecular and genetic drivers of cancer. The company's objective is to push the boundaries of what is possible in cancer treatment by creating medicines that offer new hope and better outcomes. With a focus on rigorous science and a commitment to innovation, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals strives to bring forward novel therapies that address unmet medical needs in the oncology space.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Zentalis Pharmaceuticals Llc?

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New York, United States

What year was Zentalis Pharmaceuticals Llc founded?

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What does Zentalis Pharmaceuticals Llc specialise in?
/Cancer Therapies /Drug Discovery /Clinical Research /Oncology Drugs /Biopharmaceutical Innovation /Medical Development

What are the products and/or services of Zentalis Pharmaceuticals Llc?

Overview of Zentalis Pharmaceuticals Llc offerings
Development of ZN-c3, a Wee1 inhibitor for treating solid tumors.
Investigation of ZN-d5, a BCL-2 inhibitor aimed at blood cancers.
Research on ZN-c5, an oral SERD for estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.
Exploration of combination therapies using their proprietary compounds to enhance cancer treatment efficacy.
Advancing ZN-e4, a candidate for treating non-small cell lung cancer.
Collaboration on biomarker-driven projects to personalize and improve cancer treatment outcomes.

Who is in the executive team of Zentalis Pharmaceuticals Llc?

Zentalis Pharmaceuticals Llc leadership team
  • Dr. Kimberly Lynn Blackwell M.D.
    Dr. Kimberly Lynn Blackwell M.D.
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Cameron S. Gallagher M.B.A.
    Mr. Cameron S. Gallagher M.B.A.
    Co-Founder, President & Director
  • Ms. Melissa B. Epperly M.B.A.
    Ms. Melissa B. Epperly M.B.A.
    CFO & Treasurer
  • Ms. Andrea  Paul J.D.
    Ms. Andrea Paul J.D.
    Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Dr. Mark  Lackner Ph.D.
    Dr. Mark Lackner Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Dr. Diana F. Hausman M.D.
    Dr. Diana F. Hausman M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer & Director
  • Ms. Kimberly  Freeman
    Ms. Kimberly Freeman
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Dr. Kyle  Rasbach Ph.D., Pharm.D.
    Dr. Kyle Rasbach Ph.D., Pharm.D.
    Chief Business Officer