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Flux (CRYPTO:FLUX) is at the forefront of decentralized Web3 cloud infrastructure, offering a globally distributed network of computational nodes. This innovative system operates through user-driven nodes, leveraging an ASIC-resistant mining algorithm, and is dedicated to establishing a more eco-friendly and efficient substitute to conventional cloud computing solutions. Flux's array of products and services encompass Flux Cloud, which provides users with on-demand access to computing resources. Additionally, Flux Drive offers decentralized file storage capabilities, while the Flux Marketplace is a permissionless hub for goods and services. With Run Droplet, users can seamlessly deploy Docker containers in a decentralized manner. Committed to continuous progress, Flux spearheads various projects. FluxLabs focuses on pioneering technologies.
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Cambridge, United Kingdom

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/AI & Big Data /Cross-Chain /DAO /DApp /Distributed Computing /Filesharing /Generative AI /Governance /Interoperability /Masternodes /Mineable /PoW /Smart Contracts /Storage /Web3

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Overview of Flux offerings
Flux Cloud: A decentralized cloud computing platform that provides users with access to computing resources on a pay-as-you-go basis. Flux Cloud is a more efficient and sustainable alternative to legacy cloud computing solutions.
Flux Drive: A decentralized file storage service that offers secure and reliable storage for your files. Flux Drive is a great alternative to centralized file storage services, which are often vulnerable to data breaches and other security threats.
Flux Marketplace: A permissionless marketplace where users can buy and sell goods and services using Flux tokens. Flux Marketplace is a great way to support the Flux ecosystem and to find unique and innovative products and services.
FluxLabs: A research and development division that is working on new technologies for the Flux ecosystem. FluxLabs is constantly working to improve the Flux network and to develop new products and services that will benefit the Flux community.
FluxNode Startup Guide: A guide to help users set up and run a Flux node. Flux nodes play an important role in securing the Flux network and processing transactions. By running a Flux node, users can help to make the Flux network more decentralized and secure.
Run Droplet: A service that allows users to deploy Docker containers in a decentralized manner. Run Droplet is a great way to deploy and run decentralized applications (DApps) on the Flux network.