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What does Zai Lab do?
Zai Lab (HKEX:9688), (NASDAQ:ZLAB) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative medicines to meet the needs of patients across a broad range of diseases, including oncology, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases. The company emphasizes research and collaboration, aiming to bring cutting-edge treatments to underserved populations. Through its projects, Zai Lab endeavors to push the boundaries of medical science, striving to improve outcomes and enhance the quality of life for patients worldwide. Its objectives center around expanding its product portfolio, advancing its clinical trials, and fostering partnerships to accelerate the global availability of its therapeutic solutions.
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What sector is Zai Lab in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for Zai Lab?

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Shanghai, China

What year was Zai Lab founded?

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What does Zai Lab specialise in?
/Biopharmaceutical Products /Cancer Therapies /Immunotherapy Development /Global Commercialization /Drug Discovery /Clinical Research

What are the products and/or services of Zai Lab?

Overview of Zai Lab offerings
Omvikopa (Niraparib) for the treatment of ovarian cancer, providing a targeted therapy option for patients with specific genetic mutations.
Optune, a novel electric field therapy for glioblastoma, offering a non-invasive treatment option to improve survival rates in brain cancer patients.
Repotrectinib, a next-generation ROS1/NTRK inhibitor targeting a broad range of mutations in non-small cell lung cancer and other solid tumors.
Margetuximab, an innovative monoclonal antibody for HER2-positive breast cancer, designed to provide a more effective treatment option compared to standard therapies.
Regorafenib, a kinase inhibitor for the treatment of colorectal cancer and gastrointestinal stromal tumors, offering hope to patients with advanced stages of the disease.
Zejula (Niraparib) for treating endometrial cancer, expanding the use of Niraparib beyond ovarian cancer to benefit a wider range of patients.

Who is in the executive team of Zai Lab?

Zai Lab leadership team
  • Dr. Ying  Du Ph.D.
    Dr. Ying Du Ph.D.
    Founder, Chairperson & CEO
  • Mr. Joshua L.  Smiley
    Mr. Joshua L. Smiley
    President & COO
  • Dr. Rafael G.  Amado M.D.
    Dr. Rafael G. Amado M.D.
    President and Head of Global Oncology Research & Development
  • Dr. Harald  Reinhart M.D.
    Dr. Harald Reinhart M.D.
    President and Head of Global Development for Neuroscience, Autoimmune & Infectious Diseases
  • Dr. Yajing  Chen Ph.D.
    Dr. Yajing Chen Ph.D.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Peter  Huang Ph.D.
    Dr. Peter Huang Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Ms. Christine  Chiou
    Ms. Christine Chiou
    Senior VP & Head of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Frazor Titus  Edmondson III, J.D.
    Mr. Frazor Titus Edmondson III, J.D.
    Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary