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What does Yoshitsu Co do?
Yoshitsu Co Ltd ADR (NASDAQ:TKLF) specializes in importing, exporting, and distributing a wide array of Japanese products, ranging from cosmetics and health foods to electronics and machinery. This diversification allows Yoshitsu to cater to various consumer needs and preferences, tapping into the growing global fascination with Japanese quality and innovation. The company aims to strengthen its presence in both its domestic market and internationally by expanding its product lineup and exploring new market opportunities. With a keen focus on understanding and meeting consumer demands, Yoshitsu seeks to establish itself as a key player in bringing Japanese products to the global stage, ensuring they maintain the quality and authenticity that customers worldwide have come to expect.
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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for Yoshitsu Co ?

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Tokyo, Japan

What year was Yoshitsu Co founded?

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What does Yoshitsu Co specialise in?
/Japanese Electronics /Consumer Devices /Industrial Equipment /Research & Development /Electronic Components /Global Services

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Overview of Yoshitsu Co offerings
Importation and sale of Japanese beauty and health products, including cosmetics and supplements, catering to diverse consumer needs for quality and authenticity.
Retail operations, leveraging both physical stores and online platforms, to offer a variety of Japanese consumer goods, enhancing customer accessibility and shopping experience.
Wholesale distribution, supplying a range of Japanese products to various retailers and businesses, ensuring a steady supply of in-demand items in different markets.
Product development and branding, focusing on creating and nurturing unique brands that encapsulate the essence of Japanese beauty and health culture.
Logistics and supply chain management services, optimizing the flow of goods from Japan to international markets, ensuring efficiency and timely deliveries to clients.
E-commerce solutions, providing a seamless online shopping experience for customers worldwide, with a focus on user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive product information.

Who is in the executive team of Yoshitsu Co ?

Yoshitsu Co leadership team
  • Mr. Mei  Kanayama
    Mr. Mei Kanayama
    President, CEO & Representative Director
  • Mr. Youichiro  Haga
    Mr. Youichiro Haga
    Principal Accounting & Financial Officer, Corporate Officer and Director