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What does Yirendai do?
Yiren Digital (HKEX:KYG9844L1077), (NYSE:YRD) is a prominent player in the online consumer finance marketplace in China, offering an innovative and secure platform for consumers and investors alike. It operates with a focus on harnessing technology to provide convenient financial services, including personal loans and wealth management products. Yirendai aims to bridge the gap between creditworthy borrowers and savvy investors, applying advanced risk management practices and a user-friendly online platform to facilitate this process. Its objectives include expanding access to credit for consumers, optimizing investment returns for its users, and continuing to innovate within the fintech industry to stay ahead of evolving market demands.
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What sector is Yirendai in?

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Where is the head office for Yirendai?

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Head Office
Beijing, China

What year was Yirendai founded?

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What does Yirendai specialise in?
/Online Lending /Consumer Finance /Investor Services /Loan Facilitation /Wealth Management /Credit Evaluation

What are the products and/or services of Yirendai?

Overview of Yirendai offerings
Personal credit loans, offering unsecured, online consumer finance options to individuals.
Wealth management services, providing investment products and advice to investors.
Credit card recommendations, suggesting tailored credit card options based on users' credit profiles.
Online insurance services, facilitating the purchase of insurance products directly through the platform.
Technology services for financial institutions, including risk management and customer acquisition solutions.
Consumer finance education, offering resources and tools for financial literacy and better financial decision-making.

Who is in the executive team of Yirendai?

Yirendai leadership team
  • Mr. Ning  Tang
    Mr. Ning Tang
    Executive Chairman & CEO
  • Ms. Na  Mei
    Ms. Na Mei
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Hui  Li
    Mr. Hui Li
    Director of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Bin  Yang
    Ms. Bin Yang
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Ms. Mei  Zhao
    Ms. Mei Zhao
    Chief Executive Officer of Yiren Credit
  • Ms. Lydia  Yu
    Ms. Lydia Yu
    Investor Relations Officer