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What does YETI do?
YETI (NYSE:YETI) specializes in designing, marketing, and distributing outdoor lifestyle products such as coolers, drinkware, and other gear aimed at adventure enthusiasts. Focused on delivering high-quality and durable products, YETI caters to outdoor adventurers, hunters, fishermen, and campers, among others. The company continually innovates to offer a range of products that meet the demanding needs of its active customer base. From rugged coolers that keep ice frozen for days to stainless steel drinkware that maintains beverage temperatures, YETI's offerings are designed for the extremes of the great outdoors. The objective of YETI is to support the adventurous lifestyle of its customers through products that withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring that whether in the backcountry or the backyard, their gear never lets them down.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for YETI?

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Austin, United States

What year was YETI founded?

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What does YETI specialise in?
/Outdoor Products /Coolers Manufacturer /Drinkware Producer /Camping Gear /Outdoor Lifestyle /Specialty Retailer

What are the products and/or services of YETI?

Overview of YETI offerings
High-performance coolers designed for outdoor activities, offering durability and ice retention.
Drinkware including tumblers, mugs, and bottles, made with stainless steel for thermal insulation.
Outdoor gear such as bags, totes, and backpacks, featuring waterproof and puncture-resistant materials.
Apparel and accessories, including hats, shirts, and jackets, designed for comfort and durability in outdoor environments.
Cargo boxes and loadout buckets designed for rugged use, providing storage solutions for outdoor adventures.
Home goods like blankets and pet products, expanding their brand into everyday durable items.

Who is in the executive team of YETI?

YETI leadership team
  • Mr. Matthew J. Reintjes
    Mr. Matthew J. Reintjes
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Michael James McMullen
    Mr. Michael James McMullen
    Senior VP, Principal Accounting Officer, Treasurer & CFO
  • Mr. Martin H. Duff
    Mr. Martin H. Duff
    Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations
  • Mr. Bryan C. Barksdale
    Mr. Bryan C. Barksdale
    Senior VP, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
  • Mr. S. Faiz Ahmad
    Mr. S. Faiz Ahmad
  • Mr. Thomas D. Shaw
    Mr. Thomas D. Shaw
    Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Paulie  Dery
    Mr. Paulie Dery
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ms. Corrine  Doran
    Ms. Corrine Doran
    Vice President of Corporate Development