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XP (NASDAQ:XP) is a dynamic fintech firm based in Brazil that focuses on reinventing how people invest and manage their finances. Spanning across a broad range of financial services, XP strives to democratize investment opportunities in Brazil while offering comprehensive solutions including brokerage services, investment advice, and wealth management. The firm’s projects are centered on leveraging technology to provide top-notch user experiences, making financial markets accessible to all Brazilians, regardless of their investment knowledge or amount of capital. XP's objectives are deeply rooted in innovation, customer satisfaction, and a commitment to financial education, aiming to empower individuals to make better financial decisions and achieve their long-term investment goals. With a mission to disrupt traditional banking and investment paradigms, XP is steadfast in creating a more inclusive financial ecosystem in Brazil.
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Where is the head office for Xp?

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Head Office
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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What does Xp specialise in?
/Digital Banking /Investment Management /Insurance Brokerage /Financial Education /Realty Services /Equity Trading

What are the products and/or services of Xp?

Overview of Xp offerings
Wealth Management Platform: Offers comprehensive financial advisory, investment management, and portfolio optimization services to individuals and institutions.
Trading Platform: Provides advanced trading tools for stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities in multiple global markets.
Banking Services: Includes checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and personal loans, integrating financial transactions seamlessly with investment services.
Education Platform: Offers courses and content on investments, finance, and economics, aiming to democratize financial knowledge.
Retirement Solutions: Develops personalized retirement plans, providing tools for savings, investment, and pension management.
Insurance Services: Delivers a range of insurance products, including life, health, and property, integrated with financial planning tools.

Who is in the executive team of Xp?

Xp leadership team
  • Mr. Guilherme Dias Fernandes Benchimol
    Mr. Guilherme Dias Fernandes Benchimol
    Founder & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Thiago  Maffra
    Mr. Thiago Maffra
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Bruno Constantino Alexandre dos Santos
    Mr. Bruno Constantino Alexandre dos Santos
    CFO & Director
  • Mr. Andre  Parize
    Mr. Andre Parize
    Head of Investor Realtions
  • Mr. Fabrício Cunha de Almeida
    Mr. Fabrício Cunha de Almeida
    General Counsel & Director
  • Marco  Goncalves
    Marco Goncalves
    Head of M&A
  • Gabriel  Dos Santos
    Gabriel Dos Santos
    Head of Recruitment & Selection
  • Mr. Jose  de Menezes Berenguer Neto
    Mr. Jose de Menezes Berenguer Neto
    Chief Executive Officer of Banco XP S.A.