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What does Xometry do?
Xometry (NASDAQ:XMTR) is a dynamic marketplace leveraging technology to connect businesses with on-demand manufacturing services. The platform specializes in offering a wide range of services, from 3D printing and CNC machining to injection molding and sheet metal fabrication, catering to a diverse clientele seeking fast and efficient manufacturing solutions. By harnessing the power of an extensive network of suppliers, Xometry aims to democratize access to manufacturing capabilities, ensuring designers, engineers, and companies of any size can bring their visions to life without the traditional barriers of cost and time constraints. Its primary objective is to streamline the manufacturing process, making it more accessible, flexible, and cost-effective for businesses around the globe, all while maintaining high standards of quality and customer service.
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Maryland, United States

What year was Xometry founded?

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What does Xometry specialise in?
/Manufacturing Services /Custom Parts /3D Printing /Injection Molding /CNC Machining /Digital Marketplace

What are the products and/or services of Xometry?

Overview of Xometry offerings
Custom Manufacturing Marketplace connects buyers with manufacturing suppliers for CNC machining, injection molding, and other custom parts.
On-Demand Manufacturing for rapid prototyping and large-scale production in various industries.
Instant Quoting Engine offers real-time pricing, lead times, and manufacturability feedback.
Supply Chain Management Services streamline procurement processes and optimize supply chains.
Finishing Services provide post-production treatments including painting, anodizing, and plating for manufactured parts.
Xometry Pay offers flexible financing options for suppliers to improve cash flow and grow their businesses.

Who is in the executive team of Xometry?

Xometry leadership team
  • Mr. Randolph Brody Altschuler
    Mr. Randolph Brody Altschuler
    Co-Founder, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Laurence Gregg Zuriff
    Mr. Laurence Gregg Zuriff
    Co-Founder, MD of Donor Advised Fund & ESG Initiatives and Director
  • Mr. Peter  Goguen
    Mr. Peter Goguen
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Matthew  Leibel
    Mr. Matthew Leibel
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. James M. Rallo CPA
    Mr. James M. Rallo CPA
    Executive Officer
  • Mr. James  Miln
    Mr. James Miln
    CFO & Principal Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Shawn Christopher Milne
    Mr. Shawn Christopher Milne
    Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Kristie  Scott
    Ms. Kristie Scott
    Secretary & General Counsel