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Xilio Therapeutics (NASDAQ:XLO) is a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to revolutionizing cancer treatment through its innovative immuno-oncology platform. Leveraging cutting-edge science, Xilio develops next-generation tumor-targeted immuno-therapies aimed at enhancing the body's natural immune response to fight cancer. With a focus on precision medicine, their proprietary technology enables precise delivery of therapeutic agents directly to tumor sites, minimizing systemic toxicity and maximizing efficacy. Xilio's robust pipeline includes novel candidates designed to address a wide range of cancers, offering hope for patients with unmet medical needs. Committed to transforming cancer care, Xilio Therapeutics is at the forefront of advancing the future of oncology.
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Health Care

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Waltham, United States

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What does Xilio Development specialise in?
/Oncology Therapies /Cytokine Biology /Immunotherapy Development /Tumor Microenvironment /Drug Discovery /Clinical Trials

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Overview of Xilio Development offerings
Drug Development: Xilo utilizes a proprietary platform to design and engineer novel molecules, particularly cytokines and biologics, for cancer treatment.
Tumor-Targeted Therapies: Their research concentrates on therapies that target tumors specifically, aiming for deep and lasting results.
Phase I Trials: Currently, their lead candidate, XTX301 (tumor-activated IL-12), is undergoing Phase I clinical trials to assess safety and dosage in patients.
Licensing Partnerships: XLO collaborates with larger pharmaceutical companies for further development and commercialization. They recently partnered with Gilead Sciences for XTX301.
Research & Development: They conduct ongoing research to discover and develop new potential drug candidates.
Pipeline Growth: The company's focus lies on building a pipeline of innovative cancer therapies.

Who is in the executive team of Xilio Development?

Xilio Development leadership team
  • Dr. Rene  Russo BCPS, Pharm.D.
    Dr. Rene Russo BCPS, Pharm.D.
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Kevin M. Brennan
    Mr. Kevin M. Brennan
    Senior VP of Finance & Accounting
  • Mr. Christopher  Frankenfield
    Mr. Christopher Frankenfield
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Uli  Bialucha Ph.D.
    Dr. Uli Bialucha Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Julissa  Viana
    Julissa Viana
    Vice President of Corporate Communications
  • Ms. Stacey J. Davis
    Ms. Stacey J. Davis
    Chief Business Officer
  • Dr. Katarina  Luptakova M.D.
    Dr. Katarina Luptakova M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Scott  Coleman Ph.D.
    Dr. Scott Coleman Ph.D.
    Chief Development Officer