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What does Xenia Hotels & Resorts do?
Xenia Hotels & Resorts (NYSE:XHR) operates as a real estate investment trust, focusing on the acquisition, ownership, and management of distinctive lodging properties. Specializing in upscale, full-service hotels and resorts, Xenia's portfolio consists of a variety of premium hospitality assets in key urban and resort markets across the United States. Their projects often involve the strategic renovation and repositioning of properties to enhance value and guest experiences. Xenia's primary objective is to provide attractive, risk-adjusted returns to its shareholders through dividends and capital appreciation, by leveraging its deep industry expertise and disciplined acquisition strategy. Their operations emphasize sustainability, exceptional service, and maximizing operational efficiencies to drive profitability and shareholder value.
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What sector is Xenia Hotels & Resorts in?

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Real Estate

Where is the head office for Xenia Hotels & Resorts?

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Head Office
Orlando, United States

What year was Xenia Hotels & Resorts founded?

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What does Xenia Hotels & Resorts specialise in?
/Hospitality Services /Lodging Properties /Real Estate /Experiential Travel /Luxury Accommodations /Portfolio Management

What are the products and/or services of Xenia Hotels & Resorts?

Overview of Xenia Hotels & Resorts offerings
Luxury hotel and resort real estate investments focusing on upscale properties.
Active asset management to enhance property value and operational efficiency.
Strategic property renovations and repositioning to increase market competitiveness.
Divestiture of non-core assets to optimize the investment portfolio.
Acquisitions of premium lodging properties in high barrier-to-entry markets.
Hospitality management services to ensure guest satisfaction and operational excellence.

Who is in the executive team of Xenia Hotels & Resorts?

Xenia Hotels & Resorts leadership team
  • Mr. Marcel  Verbaas
    Mr. Marcel Verbaas
    Chairman of the Board & CEO
  • Dr. Barry A. N. Bloom
    Dr. Barry A. N. Bloom
    President & COO
  • Mr. Atish D. Shah
    Mr. Atish D. Shah
    Executive VP, CFO & Treasurer
  • Mr. Joseph T. Johnson
    Mr. Joseph T. Johnson
    Senior VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Taylor C. Kessel
    Mr. Taylor C. Kessel
    Senior VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. Shamir D. Kanji
    Mr. Shamir D. Kanji
    Senior VP & Chief Investment Officer
  • Ms. Arsheena  Khan
    Ms. Arsheena Khan
    Vice President of Human Resources
  • Mr. Thomas  Brennan
    Mr. Thomas Brennan
    Senior Vice President of Asset Management