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What does Xenetic Biosciences do?
Xenetic Biosciences (NASDAQ:XBIO) is a biopharmaceutical company deeply immersed in the development of innovative oncology therapeutics and improvements in the delivery of biotherapeutics. With a focal point on advancing a broad pipeline of promising treatments and technologies, Xenetic is committed to addressing the unmet needs within the cancer treatment landscape. Their projects include leveraging novel mechanisms to counteract the progression of cancerous cells and researching advanced drug delivery methods to enhance patient outcomes. The company's objective revolves around transforming the traditional approach to cancer care, focusing on creating more effective, personalized treatment options that can lead to better patient experiences and outcomes. Through collaboration, cutting-edge research, and a patient-centered approach, Xenetic aims to emerge as a key player in the oncology sector, contributing to the future of cancer therapy and research.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Xenetic Biosciences?

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Framingham, United States

What year was Xenetic Biosciences founded?

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What does Xenetic Biosciences specialise in?
/Biopharmaceutical Company /Protein Drugs /PolyXen Technology /Immunooncological Therapies /Blood Disorder Treatments /Liposomal Platform

What are the products and/or services of Xenetic Biosciences?

Overview of Xenetic Biosciences offerings
XCART, a CAR T platform technology targeting personalized therapies for B-cell lymphomas.
PolyXen, technology for improving the half-life of biological drugs through polysialic acid technology.
Xenetic's bispecific antibody candidates focus on advancing treatments for various cancers.
Collaborations with partners like Takeda Pharmaceuticals to enhance biologic drug development.
Development of proprietary drug delivery mechanisms aimed at improving efficacy and safety of existing treatments.
Research into novel oncology therapies, focusing on unmet medical needs in cancer treatment.

Who is in the executive team of Xenetic Biosciences?

Xenetic Biosciences leadership team
  • Mr. Jeffrey F. Eisenberg Esq.
    Mr. Jeffrey F. Eisenberg Esq.
    CEO, President & Director
  • Mr. James F. Parslow
    Mr. James F. Parslow
    CFO, COO & Corporate Secretary
  • Dr. Curtis A. Lockshin
    Dr. Curtis A. Lockshin
    Chief Scientific Officer