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XDC Network (CRYPTO:XDC) is a hybrid blockchain platform that combines the best features of public and private blockchains. It is designed to be enterprise-grade, scalable, and secure. XDC Network uses a unique consensus mechanism called Delegated Proof-of-Stake (XDPoS) to achieve high transaction throughput and low transaction fees. XDC Network is used for a variety of applications, including trade finance, supply chain management, and digital payments. Some of the most notable projects on XDC Network include Trade Finance Protocol: A decentralized protocol for trade finance transactions, XinFin Supply Chain Platform: A platform for managing supply chains using blockchain technology and xRapid: A cross-border payment solution that uses XDC tokens to settle payments quickly and securely. The XDC token is the native cryptocurrency of the XDC Network. It is used to pay transaction fees, secure the network, and participate in governance.
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Overview of XDC Network offerings
Asset tokenization: XDC Network can be used to create and manage tokenized assets, such as NFTs and security tokens.
Decentralized finance (DeFi): XDC Network is home to a growing ecosystem of DeFi protocols, which allow users to lend, borrow, and trade assets on the blockchain.
Digital payments: XDC Network's xRapid cross-border payment solution allows users to send and receive payments quickly and securely, with low fees.
Governance: XDC token holders can participate in the governance of the XDC Network, helping to shape its future development.
Supply chain management: XDC Network's XinFin Supply Chain Platform enables businesses to manage their supply chains using blockchain technology, improving transparency and efficiency.
Trade finance: XDC Network's Trade Finance Protocol provides a decentralized platform for trade finance transactions, such as letters of credit and invoices.