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What does Wrapped Kava do?
Wrapped Kava (CRYPTO:WKAVA) is a token that represents the KAVA cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. It is pegged to KAVA on a 1:1 basis and can be redeemed for KAVA at any time. WKAVA can be used in any DeFi application that supports Ethereum tokens. One of the main objectives of WKAVA is to make KAVA more accessible to DeFi users. By wrapping KAVA into an Ethereum token, WKAVA allows users to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem without having to leave the Kava network. This makes it easier for users to earn yield on their KAVA and to participate in DeFi governance. WKAVA is also being used to develop new DeFi applications on the Kava network. For example, the decentralized exchange KavaSwap uses WKAVA as its base trading pair. This allows users to trade KAVA tokens with other Ethereum tokens without having to go through a centralized exchange.
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