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What does Wrap Technologies do?
Wrap Technologies (NASDAQ:WRAP), specializes in creating innovative solutions for law enforcement and security personnel. Centered around developing tools that ensure safer policing methods, Wrap focuses on the design, manufacture, and distribution of non-lethal security devices. One of their cornerstone projects is the BolaWrap, a remote restraint device that discharges a Kevlar® cord to entangle an individual from a distance, aiming to minimize physical confrontations and harm. The company's objective is to modernize and enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies globally by offering technologies that can de-escalate situations safely and effectively. Through ongoing research and development, Wrap Technologies is committed to pioneering advanced security solutions that support the mission of creating safer communities.
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Information Technology

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Tempe, United States

What year was Wrap Technologies founded?

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What does Wrap Technologies specialise in?
/BolaWrap Device /Remote Restraint /Law Enforcement /Non-Lethal Weapon /Training Programs /Public Safety

What are the products and/or services of Wrap Technologies?

Overview of Wrap Technologies offerings
The BolaWrap remote restraint device, designed for safe and effective detainment.
Virtual Reality Training solutions for law enforcement, enhancing decision-making and de-escalation skills.
Wrap Reality, immersive training using VR to simulate real-life scenarios for police.
Handheld remote restraint devices tailored for various law enforcement and security applications.
Comprehensive training programs for the effective use of non-lethal restraint technologies.
After-sales support and services, including device maintenance and training.

Who is in the executive team of Wrap Technologies?

Wrap Technologies leadership team
  • Mr. Scot Jason Cohen
    Mr. Scot Jason Cohen
    Co-Founder, CEO & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Kevin  Mullins
    Mr. Kevin Mullins
    President & Director
  • Mr. Jared  Novick
    Mr. Jared Novick
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Michael  Thomas
    Mr. Michael Thomas
    Senior Vice President of Administration
  • Ms. Marcy  Rigoni
    Ms. Marcy Rigoni
    Vice President of Human Resources
  • Chief Don  De Lucca
    Chief Don De Lucca
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Mr. Matt  Campagni
    Mr. Matt Campagni
    Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. Giles  Tipsword
    Mr. Giles Tipsword
    Senior Vice President of North American Sales