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What does World Kinect do?
World Kinect (NYSE:WKC) engages in energy and environmental commodity services, offering comprehensive solutions that include procurement, fulfillment, and advisory services across the globe. Their projects span various sectors, aiming to help businesses manage their energy consumption more efficiently while reducing carbon footprints. World Kinect focuses on innovative technologies and strategies to meet the evolving energy needs, striving toward sustainable and cost-effective outcomes for their clients. The company's objectives are centered around delivering excellence in energy management, ensuring reliability, and promoting sustainability in all areas of operation. With a dedicated team of experts, World Kinect is committed to navigating the complexities of the energy market, providing valuable insights and tailor-made solutions that align with the strategic goals of their diverse clientele.
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Where is the head office for World Kinect ?

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Miami, United States

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What does World Kinect specialise in?
/Energy Management /Sustainability Solutions /Risk Management /Fuel Supply /Renewable Energy /Energy Consulting

What are the products and/or services of World Kinect ?

Overview of World Kinect offerings
Energy Procurement Services - Offers tailored strategies for buying energy at competitive rates, optimizing cost savings and risk management.
Renewable Energy Solutions - Facilitates the transition to renewable energy through project development, financing, and management services.
Data Management and Reporting - Provides comprehensive energy data management solutions, enabling businesses to monitor, report, and optimize energy consumption.
Supply Chain Management - Offers a suite of services to improve energy supply chain efficiency, including logistics, risk management, and sustainability consulting.
Carbon Offsetting and Credits - Helps businesses achieve carbon neutrality through the purchase of carbon credits and development of offset projects.
Energy Efficiency Consulting - Delivers expert advice and solutions to improve energy efficiency in operations, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Who is in the executive team of World Kinect ?

World Kinect leadership team
  • Mr. Michael J. Kasbar
    Mr. Michael J. Kasbar
    Chairman, CEO & President
  • Mr. Ira M. Birns
    Mr. Ira M. Birns
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. John Peter Rau
    Mr. John Peter Rau
    Executive Vice President of Global Aviation, Land & Marine
  • Mr. Jose-Miguel  Tejada
    Mr. Jose-Miguel Tejada
    Senior VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Josh  McLean
    Mr. Josh McLean
    Chief Information Officer
  • Elsa  Ballard
    Elsa Ballard
    Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Fernando  Casadevall
    Mr. Fernando Casadevall
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Mr. Robert Alexander Lake Jr.
    Mr. Robert Alexander Lake Jr.
    Executive Vice President