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What does Woori Financial Group do?
Woori Financial Group (KRX:WF), (NYSE:WF) operates in the banking and financial services sector, focusing on providing a wide range of financial products and services. The group encompasses various operations, including commercial banking, securities, consumer finance, and asset management, working towards fostering economic growth and financial inclusion. Woori Financial Group aims to expand its global footprint while innovating in digital banking and sustainability initiatives. The company is committed to enhancing shareholder value and customer satisfaction through robust financial solutions and strategic global partnerships.
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How many people does Woori Financial Group employ?


What sector is Woori Financial Group in?

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Where is the head office for Woori Financial Group?

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Head Office
Seoul, South Korea

What year was Woori Financial Group founded?

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Year Founded
What does Woori Financial Group specialise in?
/Banking Services /Wealth Management /Asset Management /Insurance Products /Investment Banking /Online Banking

What are the products and/or services of Woori Financial Group?

Overview of Woori Financial Group offerings
Retail banking services including personal banking, loans, and savings accounts.
Corporate banking services offering business loans, asset management, and trade financing.
Investment banking, including mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, and advisory services.
Wealth management services, providing investment advice, portfolio management, and financial planning.
Digital banking services through online and mobile platforms, offering account management, transfers, and payment solutions.
Insurance products, covering life, health, and property to provide comprehensive risk management.

Who is in the executive team of Woori Financial Group?

Woori Financial Group leadership team
  • Mr. Jong-Yong  Yim
    Mr. Jong-Yong Yim
    President, CEO & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Sung-Wook  Lee
    Mr. Sung-Wook Lee
    Senior Executive Vice President of Finance Section
  • Hong Sung  Han
    Hong Sung Han
    Head of IR
  • Mr. Hwa Jeon  Jae
    Mr. Hwa Jeon Jae
    Deputy MD & Compliance Officer
  • Mr. Tae-Joong  Ha
    Mr. Tae-Joong Ha
    Executive Vice President of Corporate Banking Business Group
  • Mr. Chai-Pong  Cheong
    Mr. Chai-Pong Cheong
    Executive Vice President of Business Promotion Unit/Retail Banking Business Group
  • Mr. Su Hyeong  Cho
    Mr. Su Hyeong Cho
    Deputy Executive Vice President of Consumer & Brand Group
  • Ms. Jong Sook  Jeong
    Ms. Jong Sook Jeong
    Deputy Executive Vice President of Wealth Management Group