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What does Woodward do?
Woodward (NASDAQ:WWD) designs, manufactures, and services control solutions for the aerospace and industrial sectors. It is only traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol WWD. The company specializes in energy control and optimization solutions catering to a wide array of applications including turbines, compressors, and other energy-related equipment. Woodward's projects are designed to improve performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions in various markets, including power generation, transportation, and industrial. The company's objectives are focused on innovation and sustainability, aiming to meet the evolving needs of a clean energy future while delivering reliable and effective solutions to its clients worldwide. By continually developing advanced technologies and services, Woodward strives to enhance system performance and environmental compliance for its global customer base.
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Fort Collins, United States

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What does Woodward specialise in?
/Aerospace Components /Industrial Systems /Fuel Systems /Energy Controls /Turbine Technology /Motion Control

What are the products and/or services of Woodward?

Overview of Woodward offerings
Energy control solutions for industrial gas, steam turbines, and compressors, enhancing efficiency and reliability.
Aerospace systems and components for aircraft and turbine engine manufacturers, focusing on performance and safety.
Fuel injection systems designed to optimize engine performance and emissions for commercial diesels.
Renewable energy solutions, including solar inverters and converters, to support sustainable power generation.
Aftermarket services providing comprehensive support and parts for turbines and aerospace components, ensuring operational excellence.
Digital transformation services offering software and analytics for better energy management and equipment monitoring.

Who is in the executive team of Woodward?

Woodward leadership team
  • Mr. Charles P. Blankenship Jr.
    Mr. Charles P. Blankenship Jr.
    CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. William F. Lacey
    Mr. William F. Lacey
    Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Thomas G. Cromwell
    Mr. Thomas G. Cromwell
    Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Randall L. Hobbs
    Mr. Randall L. Hobbs
    Executive VP & President of Industrial
  • Donald J. Guzzardo
    Donald J. Guzzardo
    VP of Investor Relations & Treasurer
  • Mr. Paul P. Benson
    Mr. Paul P. Benson
    Executive VP & Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Mr. Terence J. Voskuil
    Mr. Terence J. Voskuil
    Executive VP & President of Aerospace
  • Mr. W. John Godsman
    Mr. W. John Godsman
    Executive VP of Strategy & Business Development