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What does WiMi Hologram Cloud do?
WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) specializes in computer vision holographic cloud services. Their operations encompass the development, marketing, and deployment of holographic augmented reality ("AR") content and applications. These efforts are targeted towards a variety of industries, including entertainment, advertising, education, and smart cities, aiming to bridge the gap between virtual and reality through high-quality holographic visual solutions. WiMi is committed to continuous innovation and research in the holography space, focusing on creating immersive and interactive holographic experiences for users worldwide. Their projects often lead the way in integrating holographic technology into everyday life, striving to enhance the way people interact with digital content.
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What sector is WiMi Hologram Cloud in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for WiMi Hologram Cloud?

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Beijing, China

What year was WiMi Hologram Cloud founded?

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What does WiMi Hologram Cloud specialise in?
/Holographic Products /AR Advertising /AR Entertainment /3D Modelling /Digital Media Services /Technical Consulting

What are the products and/or services of WiMi Hologram Cloud?

Overview of WiMi Hologram Cloud offerings
Holographic AR content creation services, focusing on delivering high-quality holographic content for applications ranging from advertising to entertainment.
Holographic AR advertising services, providing innovative marketing solutions utilizing holographic AR technology to capture consumer attention.
Holographic AR education services, offering immersive educational content and experiences that enhance learning for students across various subjects.
Holographic entertainment services, including the creation and distribution of holographic AR games and entertainment content for diverse platforms and audiences.
3D holographic pulse LiDAR products, aimed at supporting autonomous driving and other applications requiring accurate environmental sensing.
Cloud-based platform services, facilitating the development, hosting, and management of holographic AR applications and content for creators and businesses.

Who is in the executive team of WiMi Hologram Cloud?

WiMi Hologram Cloud leadership team
  • Mr. Jie  Zhao
    Mr. Jie Zhao
    Founder & Chairman
  • Mr. Shuo  Shi
    Mr. Shuo Shi
    Chief Executive & Operations Officer and Director
  • Mr. Guanghui  Zheng
    Mr. Guanghui Zheng
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Yanghua  Yang
    Mr. Yanghua Yang
    General Manager of Investment Department
  • Mr. Songrui  Guo
    Mr. Songrui Guo
    CTO & Director
  • Mr. Chengwei  Yi
    Mr. Chengwei Yi
    Chief Executive Officer of VIYI Technology Inc