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What does Willscot Mobile Mini A do?
Willscot Mobile Mini (NASDAQ:WSC) specializes in portable storage solutions, modular space, and liquid containment products. The company serves a wide range of industries and offers a variety of services including designing, building, delivering, and managing space solutions for customers who require workspace or secure storage options. Aimed at addressing various operational needs, Willscot Mobile Mini's projects range from temporary office spaces and classrooms to storage containers for construction sites or retail inventory. Their main objective is to ensure clients have the flexible, immediate space and storage solutions they need, with a focus on convenience, efficiency, and affordability. Through its customized and ready-to-go modular buildings and portable storage containers, Willscot Mobile Mini meets the demands of sectors such as construction, education, healthcare, government, and retail.
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Where is the head office for Willscot Mobile Mini A?

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Phoenix, United States

What year was Willscot Mobile Mini A founded?

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What does Willscot Mobile Mini A specialise in?
/Modular Space Solutions /Portable Storage Services /Mobile Offices /Portable Classrooms /Secure Storage Units /Workforce Accommodations

What are the products and/or services of Willscot Mobile Mini A?

Overview of Willscot Mobile Mini A offerings
Modular space and portable storage solutions, providing customizable buildings for office or storage use.
Turnkey services including delivery, setup, and maintenance of modular units.
Secure mobile office trailers for temporary or permanent office needs.
Portable storage containers offering a range of sizes for various storage requirements.
Customizable classroom and educational building solutions for schools and training centers.
Temporary restroom services, including high-quality portable toilets and sanitation services.

Who is in the executive team of Willscot Mobile Mini A?

Willscot Mobile Mini A leadership team
  • Mr. Bradley Lee Soultz
    Mr. Bradley Lee Soultz
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Timothy D. Boswell
    Mr. Timothy D. Boswell
    President & CFO
  • Ms. Sally J. Shanks
    Ms. Sally J. Shanks
    Senior VP, Chief Accounting Officer & Treasurer
  • Mr. Graeme  Parkes
    Mr. Graeme Parkes
    Executive VP & Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Hezron Timothy Lopez
    Mr. Hezron Timothy Lopez
    Executive VP, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer & ESG
  • Ms. Felicia K. Gorcyca
    Ms. Felicia K. Gorcyca
    Executive VP & Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Nick  Girardi
    Nick Girardi
    Director of Treasury & Investor Relations
  • Mr. Joseph F. Donegan
    Mr. Joseph F. Donegan
    Executive Vice President of US Field Operations