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What does Willis Lease Finance do?
Willis Lease Finance (NASDAQ:WLFC) specializes in leasing aviation and aircraft engine equipment to commercial airlines, aircraft engine manufacturers, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul providers around the world. This unique position allows them to support the aviation industry's need for efficient and cost-effective leasing solutions. Their portfolio includes a wide range of engines and aircraft, emphasizing flexibility and customization to meet the specific requirements of their clients. Willis Lease Finance is committed to sustainability and innovation within the aviation sector, focusing on projects that advance technology and environmental responsibility. Their objective is to continue expanding their global footprint, ensuring clients receive top-tier service and access to a diverse array of aviation assets.
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Where is the head office for Willis Lease Finance ?

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Coconut Creek, United States

What year was Willis Lease Finance founded?

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What does Willis Lease Finance specialise in?
/Aircraft Leasing /Engine Leasing /Aviation Industry /Asset Management /Repair Management /Spare Parts Sales

What are the products and/or services of Willis Lease Finance ?

Overview of Willis Lease Finance offerings
Commercial aircraft and engine leasing services providing flexible lease solutions to airline customers worldwide.
Spare engine support programs designed to offer immediate engine solutions for airlines during maintenance or unexpected operational demands.
Asset management services, optimizing the value of aviation assets through expert management and strategic disposition.
Technical services, including engine and aircraft inspections, appraisals, and consulting to ensure operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.
Sale-leaseback financing options, enabling airlines to release capital from their assets while maintaining operational capacity.
Parts supply and management services, offering a range of certified aircraft parts to support maintenance and operational needs.

Who is in the executive team of Willis Lease Finance ?

Willis Lease Finance leadership team
  • Mr. Charles F. Willis IV
    Mr. Charles F. Willis IV
    Founder & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Austin Chandler Willis
    Mr. Austin Chandler Willis
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Brian Richard Hole
    Mr. Brian Richard Hole
  • Mr. Scott B. Flaherty
    Mr. Scott B. Flaherty
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. Marc  Pierpoint
    Mr. Marc Pierpoint
    Senior VP and Head of Trading & Investments
  • Mr. Garry A. Failler
    Mr. Garry A. Failler
    Senior VP of Materials & Services and Chief Technical Officer
  • Mr. Dean Michael Poulakidas
    Mr. Dean Michael Poulakidas
    Executive VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  • Ms. Lynn A. McMillan
    Ms. Lynn A. McMillan
    VP & Head of Global Human Resources