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What does William Penn Bancorp do?
William Penn Bancorp (NASDAQ:WMPN) is a community-focused financial institution committed to serving the banking needs of individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With a strong emphasis on relationship banking, William Penn Bancorp provides a wide array of financial products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers, including savings accounts, checking accounts, mortgage loans, and business lending solutions. The company's projects and objectives are centered around sustainable growth, enhancing shareholder value, and maintaining a strong commitment to community development and support. Through its network of branches, William Penn Bancorp strives to uphold the values of trust, reliability, and customer-oriented banking practices, contributing to the economic vitality of the regions it serves.
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What sector is William Penn Bancorp in?

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Where is the head office for William Penn Bancorp?

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Pennsylvania, United States

What year was William Penn Bancorp founded?

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What does William Penn Bancorp specialise in?
/Banking Services /Financial Products /Mortgage Services /Loan Offers /Investment Services /Savings Accounts

What are the products and/or services of William Penn Bancorp?

Overview of William Penn Bancorp offerings
Residential mortgage lending for purchasing and refinancing homes, offering a range of options to suit diverse customer needs.
Commercial real estate loans to support businesses in acquiring, developing, or refinancing property, catering to various industry sectors.
Consumer loans, including home equity loans and lines of credit, providing flexible financing options for personal use.
Small business lending, offering tailored loan products to support business growth, equipment purchase, and working capital needs.
Online and mobile banking services, providing customers with secure, 24/7 access to their accounts, bill pay, and money transfer capabilities.
Savings and certificate of deposit accounts, offering competitive interest rates to help customers grow their savings over time.

Who is in the executive team of William Penn Bancorp?

William Penn Bancorp leadership team
  • Mr. Kenneth J. Stephon
    Mr. Kenneth J. Stephon
    President, CEO & Chairman
  • Ms. Jeannine  Cimino
    Ms. Jeannine Cimino
    Executive VP & Chief Retail Officer
  • Mr. Alan B. Turner
    Mr. Alan B. Turner
    EVP & Chief Lending Officer
  • Mr. Jonathan T. Logan
    Mr. Jonathan T. Logan
    Executive VP, CFO & Corporate Secretary
  • Ms. Amy J. Logan
    Ms. Amy J. Logan
    Executive VP & COO
  • Mr. James R. Read
    Mr. James R. Read
    Senior VP & CTO
  • Mr. Steven  Gillespie
    Mr. Steven Gillespie
    Senior VP, Chief Compliance Officer & BSA Officer
  • Ms. Nicole  Nielsen
    Ms. Nicole Nielsen
    SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer