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WiFi Map (CRYPTO:WIFI) revolutionizes connectivity with its mission to create a global network of shared Wi-Fi access. The platform's operations are centered on community-driven collaboration, allowing users to crowdsource and share information about Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. Through innovative projects, WiFi Map continually expands its database, providing users with real-time access to reliable internet connections. The objective is clear: bridge the digital divide by empowering individuals with free and accessible Wi-Fi. From urban areas to remote locations, WiFi Map's projects embody the democratization of connectivity, creating a seamless network that transcends geographical boundaries and fosters a connected world for everyone, everywhere.
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San Francisco, California

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/Distributed Computing

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Overview of WiFi Map offerings
Global Hotspot Database: WiFi Map offers a vast global hotspot database, allowing users to discover and connect to free and secure Wi-Fi networks worldwide.
Offline Maps and Passwords: The platform provides offline maps and Wi-Fi passwords, enabling users to access crucial information even without an internet connection, enhancing convenience for travelers.
Personal Wi-Fi Sharing: Users can contribute their own Wi-Fi networks to the community, enhancing the database and promoting a collaborative environment for sharing connectivity resources.
Security and Encryption: The platform prioritizes security by providing information on encrypted networks, empowering users to make secure connections and protect their data.
Speed Test Feature: WiFi Map includes a speed test feature, allowing users to assess the performance of available networks, ensuring a reliable and fast internet connection.
User-Generated Hotspots: WiFi Map relies on a community-driven model, with users contributing information about Wi-Fi hotspots, ensuring real-time updates and an extensive network coverage.