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WhiteHorse Finance (NASDAQ:WHF) is a specialized finance company that focuses on providing customized financing solutions to small-cap, privately held companies across various sectors. With an investment approach that emphasizes direct lending, WhiteHorse Finance aims to support the growth and operational needs of its portfolio companies through a range of debt products, including senior secured loans, second lien loans, and mezzanine debt. The firm utilizes its extensive industry experience and market knowledge to identify compelling investment opportunities, with the objective of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors. WhiteHorse Finance's strategy reflects its commitment to capital preservation, income generation, and long-term value creation for stakeholders.
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Miami, United States

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What does WhiteHorse Finance specialise in?
/Direct Lending /Credit Financing /Equity Investments /Corporate Loans /Risk Management /Investment Advisory

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Overview of WhiteHorse Finance offerings
Senior secured loans offer targeted financing solutions to lower-middle market companies, emphasizing stable cash flows.
Direct lending includes bespoke financing agreements tailored to specific borrower needs, supporting growth initiatives.
Syndicated loans provide access to larger capital pools through a consortium of lenders, enhancing funding capacity for significant projects.
Equity co-investments allow participation in equity ownership of portfolio companies, aligning interests with management teams.
Asset-based lending employs the borrower's assets as loan collateral, offering flexible funding solutions.
Rescue financing helps companies in financial distress to restructure and stabilize their operations, ensuring long-term viability.

Who is in the executive team of WhiteHorse Finance?

WhiteHorse Finance leadership team
  • Mr. Stuart D. Aronson
    Mr. Stuart D. Aronson
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Joyson C. Thomas CPA
    Mr. Joyson C. Thomas CPA
    CFO & Principal Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Brian  Schaffer
    Mr. Brian Schaffer
    Investor Relations Contact
  • Mr. Marco A. Collazos
    Mr. Marco A. Collazos
    Chief Compliance Officer
  • Mr. Richard H. Siegel J.D.
    Mr. Richard H. Siegel J.D.