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Whiteheart (CRYPTO:WHITE) is an on-chain hedging protocol built on top of the Hegic protocol. The core part of the protocol is a new financial primitive called a hedge contract. This system of Ethereum smart contracts can automatically conduct the process of hedging users' holdings' market value. WHITE token provides its holders with a right to receive a share of fees generated by the protocol. The total supply is 8,888 WHITE. Fees are distributed pro rata among the staked WHITE tokens. The objective of Whiteheart is to provide an automated on-chain hedging of crypto and stocks.
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Access to Different Blockchain Networks: It provides a bridge to Layer networks.
Best Prices: It discovers the most efficient trading routes.
Cross-chain Trading: It allows users to trade across chains with one click.
Hedge Contracts: Whiteheart helps DeFi users protect the value of their holdings in ETH and WBTC.
Safe Trading: It ensures safe trades with no hidden fees.
Trading: WHITE tokens can be traded on centralized crypto exchanges and decentralized exchanges.