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White Mountains Insurance (NYSE:WTM) isn't a traditional insurer selling directly to consumers. Instead, they act as a stable and experienced partner for businesses in the insurance and related financial services industries. They leverage their deep expertise in insurance and innovative approach to source and acquire well-managed businesses with strong potential. Their unique advantage lies in being patient investors, unlike private equity firms with time constraints. They think long-term, focusing on maximizing intrinsic value per share for their shareholders. This allows them to support their acquired businesses by providing resources, freedom, and incentives for long-term success, ultimately contributing to the stability and growth of the entire insurance industry.
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New Hampshire, United States

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/Insurance Services /Investment Management /Property Insurance /Casualty Insurance /Reinsurance Operations /State Regulatory Filings

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Overview of White Mountains Insurance Group offerings
Risk Sharing across Insurance Types: They specialize in taking on a portion of the financial risks associated with various insurance policies offered by primary insurance companies. This can include property damage from catastrophes (property & casualty reinsurance), life insurance payouts (life & annuity reinsurance), and even fluctuations in financial markets (financial reinsurance).
Reinsurance Options: White Mountains offers both treaty reinsurance, establishing long-term agreements outlining the risks they cover, and facultative reinsurance, allowing them to selectively reinsure specific high-value or complex risks on a case-by-case basis.
Focus on Catastrophic Events: Within property and casualty reinsurance, they often focus on catastrophe reinsurance, providing additional protection for primary insurers facing potentially high claims payouts during major disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes.
Enhance Stability for Primary Insurers: Sharing risks allows primary insurers to manage their own exposure more effectively, enabling them to offer broader coverage.
Promote Financial Stability: White Mountains' involvement adds another layer of financial backing to the insurance system, contributing to overall stability.
Enable Innovation: By taking on some of the risk, they allow primary insurers to explore and offer new types of insurance coverage.

Who is in the executive team of White Mountains Insurance Group?

White Mountains Insurance Group leadership team
  • Mr. George Manning Rountree
    Mr. George Manning Rountree
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Liam P. Caffrey
    Mr. Liam P. Caffrey
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Ms. Michaela J. Hildreth
    Ms. Michaela J. Hildreth
    MD & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Robert Lawrence Seelig Esq.
    Mr. Robert Lawrence Seelig Esq.
    Executive VP, General Counsel & Investor Relation
  • Mr. Jonathan Adam Cramer
    Mr. Jonathan Adam Cramer
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Moyer
    Ms. Jennifer L. Moyer
    Chief Administrative Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. David Grant Staples
    Mr. David Grant Staples
    Head of Tax
  • Mr. Dennis  Beaulieu
    Mr. Dennis Beaulieu