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Where Food Comes From (NASDAQ:WFCF) is a company that specializes in the verification and certification of food production processes. Offering a variety of services designed to ensure authenticity, origin, and sustainability of food products, Where Food Comes From operates in a sector that increasingly values transparency. Their projects range from organic certification to non-GMO verification and humane handling audits, catering to a wide array of customers within the agricultural and food industries. The objective of Where Food Comes From is to provide consumers and retailers with confidence about the quality and origin of their food, fostering trust and accountability in the food supply chain.
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Information Technology

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Castle Rock, United States

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/Food Traceability /Certification Services /Agricultural Auditing /Sustainability Verification /Product Labeling /Educational Programs

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Overview of Where Food Comes From offerings
Organic Certification: This service verifies that farms meet the stringent requirements for organic food production as set by the USDA National Organic Program.
Non-GMO Verification: Where Food Comes From offers verification services to ensure food products are not genetically modified, catering to the growing market for non-GMO goods.
Humane Handling Audits: They conduct audits to confirm that animals are raised and processed according to established humane handling standards.
Sustainability Audits: These audits assess the environmental impact of food production practices, allowing producers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.
Fair Trade Certification: Where Food Comes From can verify that products meet fair trade standards, ensuring fair prices are paid to farmers and workers in the supply chain.
Food Origin Verification: This service helps trace the origin of food products from farm to fork, providing transparency about where food comes from.

Who is in the executive team of Where Food Comes From?

Where Food Comes From leadership team
  • Mr. John K. Saunders
    Mr. John K. Saunders
    Founder, CEO & Executive Chairman
  • Ms. Leann  Saunders
    Ms. Leann Saunders
    Co-Founder, President, COO & Director
  • Ms. Dannette D. Boyd Henning
    Ms. Dannette D. Boyd Henning
    CFO & Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. Jason  Franco
    Mr. Jason Franco
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Jay  Pfeiffer
    Mr. Jay Pfeiffer
    Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Mr. James  Riva
    Mr. James Riva
    Compliance Manager & VP of Global Alliances
  • Mr. Doug  Stanton
    Mr. Doug Stanton
    Senior VP of Sales & Business Development
  • Jennifer  Moore
    Jennifer Moore
    Marketing Manager