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What does Westlake Chemical do?
Westlake Chemical (NYSE:WLK) engages in the manufacturing and marketing of basic chemicals, vinyls, polymers, and building products. It operates on a global scale, focusing on providing materials for various industries including construction, automotive, and consumer goods. With an emphasis on sustainability and innovation, Westlake Chemical aims to develop environmentally friendly products and enhance efficiency across its operations. The company is involved in numerous projects aimed at expanding its product offerings and improving its competitive edge in the market. Its objectives include maximizing shareholder value, ensuring safety and environmental responsibility, and pursuing growth through strategic acquisitions and expansions.
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Where is the head office for Westlake Chemical ?

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Houston, United States

What year was Westlake Chemical founded?

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What does Westlake Chemical specialise in?
/Petrochemical Manufacturing /Vinyls Products /Plastic Products /Building Materials /Olefins Business /Technology Licensing

What are the products and/or services of Westlake Chemical ?

Overview of Westlake Chemical offerings
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): PVC is vital for construction materials, medical devices, and packaging, signifying its broad application and priority in diverse industries.
Vinyls: Vinyls, crucial for pipes, siding, and windows, represent a significant market due to their durability and versatility in construction applications.
Polyethylene: Used in films, containers, and bottles, polyethylene addresses demands across packaging, agriculture, and consumer goods.
Styrene Monomers: Styrene is foundational for polystyrene production, essential in automotive, electronics, and insulation materials.
Chlor-alkali Products: These are essential for water treatment and pharmaceuticals, underscoring their importance in public health and safety.
Building Products: Offering siding, trim, and mouldings, these products support the construction industry with sustainable and durable solutions.

Who is in the executive team of Westlake Chemical ?

Westlake Chemical leadership team
  • Mr. James Y. Chao
    Mr. James Y. Chao
    Executive Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Albert Yuan Chao
    Mr. Albert Yuan Chao
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Mark Steven Bender CPA
    Mr. Mark Steven Bender CPA
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. L. Benjamin Ederington
    Mr. L. Benjamin Ederington
    Executive VP of Performance & Essential Materials, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Mr. Robert F. Buesinger
    Mr. Robert F. Buesinger
    Executive Vice President of Housing, Infrastructure Products, IT & Digital
  • Mr. Johnathan Stevan Zoeller
    Mr. Johnathan Stevan Zoeller
    VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Lawrence  Schubert
    Lawrence Schubert
    Vice President of Corporate Development & Sustainability
  • Mr. Thomas J. Janssens
    Mr. Thomas J. Janssens
    Senior Vice President of Operations, PEM & Corporate Logistics