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What does Western New England Bancorp do?
Western New England Bancorp (NASDAQ:WNEB) is a comprehensive financial services group rooted in serving the personal and business needs of individuals and families in its community. Specializing in a wide array of banking services, Western New England Bancorp focuses on providing personalized banking experiences, ranging from checking and savings accounts to loans and investment solutions. Its projects and objectives are directed towards fostering community development, achieving sustainable growth, and leveraging technology to enhance customer service and operational efficiency. The focus remains steadfast on catering to the evolving financial needs of its clientele, ensuring financial stability, and giving back to the community through various initiatives and programs. With its commitment to offering straightforward, reliable banking solutions, Western New England Bancorp continues to build strong, lasting relationships with its customers.
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How many people does Western New England Bancorp employ?


What sector is Western New England Bancorp in?

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Where is the head office for Western New England Bancorp?

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Head Office
Westfield, United States

What year was Western New England Bancorp founded?

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Year Founded
What does Western New England Bancorp specialise in?
/Banking Services /Mortgage Loans /Commercial Lending /Personal Banking /Wealth Management /Consumer Loans

What are the products and/or services of Western New England Bancorp?

Overview of Western New England Bancorp offerings
Commercial lending services offering a range of loan products.
Residential mortgage services for home buyers.
Retail banking services including checking and savings accounts.
Online and mobile banking platforms for convenient account management.
Wealth management and financial advisory services.
Business banking solutions tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.

Who is in the executive team of Western New England Bancorp?

Western New England Bancorp leadership team
  • Mr. James C. Hagan
    Mr. James C. Hagan
    President, CEO & Director
  • Ms. Guida R. Sajdak
    Ms. Guida R. Sajdak
    CFO, Executive VP & Treasurer
  • Mr. Allen J. Miles III
    Mr. Allen J. Miles III
    Executive VP & Senior Lender
  • Carole  Hinkley
    Carole Hinkley
    Assistant VP & Investment Officer
  • Ms. Darlene M. Libiszewski
    Ms. Darlene M. Libiszewski
    Senior VP & Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Meghan  Hibner
    Ms. Meghan Hibner
    VP, Controller & Investor Relations Officer
  • Ms. Nadia M. Baral
    Ms. Nadia M. Baral
    VP & Director of Compliance
  • Mr. John E. Bonini
    Mr. John E. Bonini
    Senior VP & General Counsel