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What does Western Alliance Bancorporation do?
Western Alliance Bancorporation (NYSE:WAL) is a dynamic banking group committed to delivering a full spectrum of financial services. This encompasses commercial banking, treasury management, leasing, and mortgage services for a diverse clientele, including business, real estate developers, and high-net-worth individuals. With a strong emphasis on innovation and efficiency, Western Alliance aims to provide tailored solutions that support clients' growth and financial health. The company prides itself on its agile and customer-focused approach, striving to outperform in service delivery and stakeholder value creation. One of its key objectives is to expand its market presence while maintaining robust financial performance and adhering to the highest standards of risk management.
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How many people does Western Alliance Bancorporation employ?


What sector is Western Alliance Bancorporation in?

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Where is the head office for Western Alliance Bancorporation?

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Head Office
Phoenix, United States

What year was Western Alliance Bancorporation founded?

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Year Founded
What does Western Alliance Bancorporation specialise in?
/Commercial Banking /Real Estate Loans /Treasury Management /Equipment Financing /Institutional Services /Banking Technology

What are the products and/or services of Western Alliance Bancorporation?

Overview of Western Alliance Bancorporation offerings
Commercial Banking services, offering loans, deposits, treasury management, and international banking for corporate clients.
Technology and Innovation Banking, providing financial solutions specifically tailored for the tech and innovation sectors.
Real Estate Banking, offering comprehensive banking solutions for investors, developers, and owners of commercial and residential properties.
Equipment Finance, providing asset-based financing solutions to businesses for the acquisition of critical equipment.
Public and Nonprofit Finance, supplying banking services, including lending and treasury management, specifically designed for public and nonprofit organizations.
Hotel Franchise Finance, offering specialized lending and banking solutions tailored to the needs of the hotel and hospitality industry.

Who is in the executive team of Western Alliance Bancorporation?

Western Alliance Bancorporation leadership team
  • Mr. Kenneth A. Vecchione
    Mr. Kenneth A. Vecchione
    CEO, President & Director
  • Mr. Dale M. Gibbons
    Mr. Dale M. Gibbons
    Vice Chairman, Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. Timothy W. Boothe
    Mr. Timothy W. Boothe
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Timothy R. Bruckner
    Mr. Timothy R. Bruckner
    Chief Banking Officer of Regional Banking
  • Mr. Stephen R. Curley
    Mr. Stephen R. Curley
    Chief Banking Officer for National Business Lines & President for Alliance Association Bank
  • Mr. James Kelly Ardrey Jr., CPA
    Mr. James Kelly Ardrey Jr., CPA
    Senior VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Paulina  Woo
    Paulina Woo
    Senior Director of Treasury Management, Corporate Finance, Public & Non-profit Finance
  • Mr. Jeff  Semonovich
    Mr. Jeff Semonovich
    Chief Information Officer