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What is West African Resources about?
West African Resources (ASX:WAF) is a gold mining company with operations in Burkina Faso. The company's flagship asset is the Sanbrado Gold Mine, which commenced production in March 2020. Sanbrado is a high-grade gold mine with a long life of mine and low operating costs. WAF is also developing the Kiaka Gold Mine, which is expected to commence production in 2025. Kiaka is a large, low-cost gold mine with a long life of mine. West African Resources' operations are focused on producing gold efficiently and cost-effectively. The company has a strong track record of operational excellence and has delivered consistent production and financial performance since Sanbrado commenced production.
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Where is the head office for West African Resources?

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Perth, Australia

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/Gold /Africa /Mining /Resources /Metals /Exploration
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    Burkina Faso
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    Perth, Australia
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What are West African Resources’s services?
Overview of West African Resources offerings
Gold mining: Operates the Sanbrado Gold Mine in Burkina Faso, which is one of the largest gold mines in West Africa.
Gold exploration: Has a portfolio of gold exploration projects in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Guinea.
Gold development: Is developing the Toega Gold Project in Burkina Faso, which is expected to be a significant new gold mine.
Corporate social responsibility: Is committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in the communities where it operates.
Environmental management: Is committed to environmental management and reducing its environmental impact.
Economic benefits: Provides significant economic benefits to the countries where it operates through employment, taxes, and royalties.
Who is in the West African Resources executive team?
West African Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Richard  Hyde B.Sc., MAusIMM, MAIG
    Mr. Richard Hyde B.Sc., MAusIMM, MAIG
    Founder, Exec. Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Padraig  O'Donoghue
    Mr. Padraig O'Donoghue
    CFO & Company Sec.
  • Mr. Lyndon  Hopkins
    Mr. Lyndon Hopkins
    COO & Exec. Director
  • Ms. Elizabeth Anne Mounsey
    Ms. Elizabeth Anne Mounsey
    Exec. Director of HR & Director
  • Mr. Stuart  Cruickshanks
    Mr. Stuart Cruickshanks
    Gen. Mang. of Technical Services
  • Nathan  Ryan
    Nathan Ryan
    IR Contact