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What does Webster Financial do?
Webster Financial (NYSE:WBS) is a diversified financial services company that focuses on providing banking solutions to both individuals and businesses. The company operates through several key segments, including commercial banking, community banking, HSA Bank, and private banking. Webster Financial is committed to fostering community growth and economic development by extending a range of financial products and services designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers. These offerings include checking and savings accounts, loans, investment services, and financial planning. With a strong emphasis on innovation and customer service, Webster Financial aims to be a preferred choice for banking services, while also striving to enhance shareholder value through strategic growth and efficient operations.
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What sector is Webster Financial in?

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Where is the head office for Webster Financial ?

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Head Office
Stamford, United States

What year was Webster Financial founded?

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Year Founded
What does Webster Financial specialise in?
/Retail Banking /Commercial Banking /Wealth Management /Insurance Services /Retirement Solutions /Community Development

What are the products and/or services of Webster Financial ?

Overview of Webster Financial offerings
Commercial banking services, including loans and deposit products, tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.
Consumer banking, offering personal checking, savings accounts, mortgages, and consumer loans.
HSA Bank division, specializing in Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and other consumer-directed health and benefits accounts.
Wealth management services, providing investment management, financial planning, trust, and private banking solutions.
Online and mobile banking platforms, enabling customers to conduct banking transactions and manage accounts digitally.
Cash management services for businesses, offering solutions for managing payables, receivables, liquidity, and fraud protection.

Who is in the executive team of Webster Financial ?

Webster Financial leadership team
  • Mr. John R. Ciulla
    Mr. John R. Ciulla
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Luis R. Massiani
    Mr. Luis R. Massiani
    President & COO
  • Mr. Glenn I. MacInnes
    Mr. Glenn I. MacInnes
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. Christopher J. Motl
    Mr. Christopher J. Motl
    Senior Executive VP & President of Commercial Banking
  • Mr. Albert J. Wang CPA
    Mr. Albert J. Wang CPA
    Executive VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Vikram  Nafde
    Mr. Vikram Nafde
    Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Emlen Briggs Harmon C.F.A.
    Mr. Emlen Briggs Harmon C.F.A.
    Director of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Kristy  Berner Esq.
    Ms. Kristy Berner Esq.
    General Counsel & Corporate Secretary