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What does Wayfair do?
Wayfair (NYSE:W) is an e-commerce giant focused on furniture and home goods. Trading exclusively on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NYSE:W, Wayfair has carved out a significant niche for itself in the online retail space. The company operates through a sophisticated digital platform, offering millions of items across five distinct brands: Wayfair, Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold. Wayfair's mission is to provide an unparalleled selection of home products, ensuring customers can find exactly what they need for their homes. With a strong emphasis on technology and innovation, Wayfair strives to enhance customer experience through user-friendly interface and personalized services. Its objectives include expanding its market presence, diversifying product offerings, and continuously improving operational efficiency to sustain growth and profitability.
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What sector is Wayfair in?

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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Wayfair?

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Head Office
Boston, United States

What year was Wayfair founded?

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Year Founded
What does Wayfair specialise in?
/Online Retail /Home furnishings /Decor products /Delivery service /Custom Upholstery /Virtual Reality Shopping

What are the products and/or services of Wayfair?

Overview of Wayfair offerings
E-commerce platform offering furniture and home goods, presenting a vast selection of products.
Wayfair Professional program, providing specialized service and discounts for business customers.
Custom Upholstery services, allowing personalized furniture choices for consumers.
3D Visualization technology, enabling customers to visualize products in their homes virtually.
Way Day, a significant annual sales event offering deep discounts across various categories.
Room Planner tool, assisting customers in designing and planning their spaces with product placements.

Who is in the executive team of Wayfair?

Wayfair leadership team
  • Mr. Niraj S. Shah
    Mr. Niraj S. Shah
    Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, President & CEO
  • Mr. Steven K. Conine
    Mr. Steven K. Conine
    Co-Founder & Co-Chairman
  • Ms. Kate  Gulliver
    Ms. Kate Gulliver
    CFO & Chief Administrative Officer
  • Dr. Thomas  Netzer
    Dr. Thomas Netzer
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Fiona  Tan
    Ms. Fiona Tan
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Jon  Blotner
    Mr. Jon Blotner
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Mr. Enrique  Colbert
    Mr. Enrique Colbert
    General Counsel & Secretary
  • Mr. Paul  Toms
    Mr. Paul Toms
    Chief Marketing Officer