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Watts Water Technologies (NYSE:WTS) is a pioneer in managing and optimizing water flow and quality for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Their diverse portfolio includes everything from advanced water safety and flow control solutions to water quality products designed to ensure environmental efficiency and regulatory compliance. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Watts Water Technologies aims at enhancing comfort and safety in water use while minimizing energy consumption. Their projects span a broad spectrum of water-related challenges, offering solutions that address water scarcity, safety, and efficiency issues worldwide. The company's objective is to continue expanding its reach and impact by developing new technologies and solutions that contribute to a more water-wise and sustainable future.
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Massachusetts, United States

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What does Watts Water Technologies specialise in?
/Water Solutions /Flow Control /Plumbing Products /HVAC Solutions /Water Regulation Equipment /Drainage Solutions

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Overview of Watts Water Technologies offerings
Backflow prevention devices ensure safe drinking water by preventing contaminated water from flowing backwards into clean water supplies.
Water quality products, including filtration and treatment solutions, enhance the purity and taste of water for homes and businesses.
Hydronic and electric heating solutions improve comfort and energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.
Flow control products manage the pressure and flow of water in plumbing systems, optimizing performance and reducing waste.
Water safety and flow control solutions for the commercial and institutional markets, ensuring reliability and compliance with regulations.
Digital water management tools leverage technology for monitoring, analyzing, and controlling water systems, promoting sustainability and efficiency.

Who is in the executive team of Watts Water Technologies?

Watts Water Technologies leadership team
  • Mr. Robert J. Pagano Jr., C.M.A., CPA
    Mr. Robert J. Pagano Jr., C.M.A., CPA
    Chairman, President & CEO
  • Mr. Shashank  Patel
    Mr. Shashank Patel
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Andre  Dhawan
    Mr. Andre Dhawan
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Kenneth R. Lepage
    Mr. Kenneth R. Lepage
    General Counsel, Chief Sustainability Officer & Secretary
  • Mr. Elie A. Melhem
    Mr. Elie A. Melhem
    President of Asia-Pacific, The Middle East & Africa
  • Ms. Virginia A. Halloran
    Ms. Virginia A. Halloran
    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Ms. Diane M. McClintock CPA
    Ms. Diane M. McClintock CPA
    Senior Vice President of FP&A and Investor Relations
  • Mr. Ram  Ramakrishnan
    Mr. Ram Ramakrishnan
    Executive Vice President of Strategy & Business Development