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What does Watsco do?
Watsco (NYSE:WSO) specializes in distributing heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) products and solutions to contractors and dealers across multiple regions. Operating through a vast network, Watsco ensures the delivery of essential components for residential and commercial environments, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction. The company’s objective revolves around enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the HVAC/R industry through advanced technology solutions and a broad portfolio of products. By fostering strong relationships with leading manufacturers, Watsco aims to support the evolving needs of its customers, ensuring they have access to the latest advancements in climate control and refrigeration technology.
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Where is the head office for Watsco?

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Head Office
Miami, United States

What year was Watsco founded?

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Year Founded
What does Watsco specialise in?
/HVAC Products /Air Conditioning /Heating Systems /Supply Chain Management /Parts Distribution /Energy-efficient Solutions

What are the products and/or services of Watsco?

Overview of Watsco offerings
HVAC/R distribution network, offering air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration parts and supplies.
Digital platforms including mobile apps and e-commerce for product ordering and fulfillment.
Energy-efficient solutions focused on sustainability and reducing carbon footprints.
Financial services providing credit and financing options to contractors and dealers.
Technical training and support for HVAC professionals, enhancing installation and maintenance skills.
Inventory management solutions using technology to optimize supply chain and logistics.
HVAC and refrigeration equipment distribution, offering air conditioning, heating, and commercial refrigeration products.
E-commerce platform, providing online purchasing and account management solutions for HVAC/R contractors.
Mobile apps, strengthening on-the-go ordering, inventory management, and product information for professionals.
Energy-saving solutions, focusing on promoting sustainable and energy-efficient HVAC systems.
Financial services, offering credit and financing options to facilitate purchases for contractors and dealers.
Technical training and support, delivering education and assistance to enhance the skills of HVAC/R professionals.

Who is in the executive team of Watsco?

Watsco leadership team
  • Mr. Albert H. Nahmad
    Mr. Albert H. Nahmad
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Aaron J. Nahmad
    Mr. Aaron J. Nahmad
    Co-Vice Chairman & President
  • Ms. Ana M. Menendez
    Ms. Ana M. Menendez
    CFO & Treasurer
  • Mr. Barry S. Logan
    Mr. Barry S. Logan
    Executive VP of Planning & Strategy, Secretary & Director
  • Mr. Steven  Rupp
    Mr. Steven Rupp
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Paul W. Johnston
    Mr. Paul W. Johnston
    Executive Vice President