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What does WaterdropADR do?
Waterdrop ADR (NYSE:WDH) is a technology-focused company dedicated to reshaping health insurance and medical service sectors through innovative digital solutions. Offering a broad range of services, including crowdfunded healthcare and online insurance products, Waterdrop aims to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for millions. With a strong emphasis on user-friendly technology, the company continuously develops and implements cutting-edge platforms and apps to improve customer experience and engagement. The main objective of Waterdrop is to bridge the gap between health insurance providers and the general public, thereby enhancing the overall wellbeing of communities. Through collaborative projects and strategic partnerships, Waterdrop endeavors to expand its market reach and influence, making significant strides towards transforming healthcare services on a global scale.
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Where is the head office for WaterdropADR?

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Head Office
Beijing, China

What year was WaterdropADR founded?

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What does WaterdropADR specialise in?
/Health Insurance /Crowdfunding Platform /Disease Prevention /Health Technology /Risk Management /Digital Insurance

What are the products and/or services of WaterdropADR?

Overview of WaterdropADR offerings
Crowdsourced health insurance products, providing affordable healthcare plans.
Online health insurance marketplace, connecting users with various insurance options.
Medical crowdfunding platform, helping individuals with medical expenses through public donations.
Health & welfare planning, offering personalized health management services.
Innovative insurance products for critical illnesses, focusing on comprehensive coverage.
Digital healthcare services, integrating technology to improve health outcomes and accessibility.

Who is in the executive team of WaterdropADR?

WaterdropADR leadership team
  • Dr. Peng  Shen
    Dr. Peng Shen
    Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO
  • Mr. Guang  Yang
    Mr. Guang Yang
    Co-Founder, VP of Finance, GM of International Business & Director
  • Mr. Yao  Hu
    Mr. Yao Hu
  • Xiaojiao  Cui
    Xiaojiao Cui
    Investor Relations Officer
  • Ms. Nian  Liu
    Ms. Nian Liu
    Head of Legal
  • Ms. Xiaolei  Sun
    Ms. Xiaolei Sun
    Vice President of Human Resources & Organization Development
  • Mr. Wei  Ran
    Mr. Wei Ran
    Partner, GM of Insurance Technology Business & Director
  • Mr. Xiaobo  Zhou
    Mr. Xiaobo Zhou
    Head of Research & Development