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What does VTEX do?
VTEX (NYSE:VTEX) is a global enterprise focused on delivering commerce solutions to businesses looking to streamline their online operations. The company offers a fully integrated commerce platform that combines ecommerce, marketplace, and order management capabilities. VTEX aims to empower businesses of any size to build, manage, and grow their online presence with a cloud-based infrastructure that emphasizes agility, scalability, and connectivity. With projects ranging from helping small entrepreneurs to facilitating major digital transformations for large enterprises, VTEX is committed to driving innovation in the digital commerce space. Their objective is to simplify the complexities of online commerce, enabling companies to focus on their core business while maximizing their online potential.
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What sector is VTEX in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for VTEX?

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Head Office
London, United Kingdom

What year was VTEX founded?

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Year Founded
What does VTEX specialise in?
/Ecommerce Platform /Digital Commerce /Unified Commerce /Omnichannel Solutions /Order Management /Marketplace Integration

What are the products and/or services of VTEX?

Overview of VTEX offerings
Unified commerce platform, integrates digital commerce, marketplace and order management for an omnichannel retail experience.
VTEX IO, a development platform enabling customization and extension of commerce experiences with serverless capabilities.
Intelligent search and personalization engine, offering shoppers relevant product recommendations and search results.
Marketplace solution facilitating the operation of digital marketplaces, including seller management, catalog integration, and commission management.
Order management system, providing tools for inventory control, logistics management, and customer service operations.
Commerce Insights, a suite of analytics tools designed to optimize online business performance and decision-making.

Who is in the executive team of VTEX?

VTEX leadership team
  • Mr. Geraldo  do Carmo Thomaz Jr.
    Mr. Geraldo do Carmo Thomaz Jr.
    Co-founder, Co-CEO, Co-Chairman & Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Mariano  Gomide de Faria
    Mr. Mariano Gomide de Faria
    Co-founder, Co-CEO & Co-Chairman
  • Mr. Ricardo Camatta Sodre
    Mr. Ricardo Camatta Sodre
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Julia Vater Fernandez
    Ms. Julia Vater Fernandez
    Investor Relations Director
  • Mr. Andre  Spolidoro Ferreira Gomes
    Mr. Andre Spolidoro Ferreira Gomes
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Mr. Amit R. Shah
    Mr. Amit R. Shah
    Head of M&A
  • Mr. Rafael do Amaral Forte
    Mr. Rafael do Amaral Forte
    Head of B2B Solution
  • Mr. Santiago Alvarez Naranjo
    Mr. Santiago Alvarez Naranjo
    Chief Revenue Officer