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What does VSE do?
VSE (NASDAQ:VSEC) is a diversified services and supply company engaged in providing maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, parts distribution, supply chain management, and logistics support for clients across aerospace, defense, federal and civilian agencies, and commercial markets. The company operates through three segments: Aviation, Fleet, and Federal & Defense Services, focusing on extending the life cycle of critical assets, enhancing operational performance, and supporting government and commercial customers worldwide. VSE aims to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet the complex demands of its clients, ensuring mission readiness and operational efficiency. Through strategic acquisition and organic growth, VSE continually strives to expand its service offerings and market reach, aiming for sustained growth and value creation for its stakeholders.
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Where is the head office for VSE ?

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Head Office
Virginia, United States

What year was VSE founded?

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What does VSE specialise in?
/Engineering Services /Logistics Support /Maintenance Management /Fleet Sustainment /Technical Services /Energy Efficiency Solutions

What are the products and/or services of VSE ?

Overview of VSE offerings
Aviation Services: Maintenance, repair, and overhaul for new and legacy aircraft systems, focusing on efficiency and safety.
Federal Services: Comprehensive support, including engineering, logistics, and energy management for U.S. defense and federal agencies.
Fleet Services: Specialized maintenance and repair services for commercial and federal fleet vehicles, ensuring operational readiness and longevity.
Energy & Environment Services: Solutions aimed at reducing environmental impact, improving energy efficiency, and supporting sustainability initiatives.
Supply Chain Management Services: Streamlined procurement, supply chain logistics, and inventory management solutions for diverse industries.
Maritime Services: Maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for maritime vessels, supporting naval and commercial maritime sectors.

Who is in the executive team of VSE ?

VSE leadership team
  • Mr. John A. Cuomo
    Mr. John A. Cuomo
    CEO, President & Director
  • Mr. Stephen D. Griffin
    Mr. Stephen D. Griffin
    Senior VP & CFO
  • Ms. Farinaz S. Tehrani
    Ms. Farinaz S. Tehrani
    Senior VP, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. Chad M. Wheeler
    Mr. Chad M. Wheeler
    President of Fleet Segment
  • Mr. Benjamin A. Thomas
    Mr. Benjamin A. Thomas
    President of Aviation Segment
  • Noel  Ryan
    Noel Ryan
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Michael  Perlman
    Mr. Michael Perlman
    Vice President of Investor Relations & Communications
  • Ms. Krista  Stafford
    Ms. Krista Stafford
    Senior VP & Chief Human Resources Officer