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What is VRX Silica about?
VRX Silica (ASX:VRX) is a mineral exploration company focused on the development of its 100%-owned, silica sand projects in Western Australia. The company’s flagship project is the Muchea Silica Sand Project, which is located approximately 40 km north of Perth. VRX is currently conducting a feasibility study on the Muchea project, with the aim of developing a large-scale silica sand mining and processing operation. The company also has a number of other silica sand projects in Western Australia, including the Arrowsmith North Silica Sand Project, the Arrowsmith Central Silica Sand Project, and the Arrowsmith South Silica Sand Project. VRX is committed to developing its silica sand projects in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.
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Perth, Australia

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/Silica /Mining /Exploration /Resources /Western Australia
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    Subiaco, Australia
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Overview of VRX Silica offerings
Arrowsmith North Silica Sand Project: The company's flagship venture poised for production in 2024 pending environmental approval. It offers direct access to Geraldton Port for efficient bulk exports.
Arrowsmith Central Silica Sand Project: Located just 30 km from the Arrowsmith North Project, and is broadly similar in its grade purity and access to road and rail. The project is immediately adjacent to the Eneabba-Geraldton rail line and bulk export products from Geraldton.
Muchea Silica Sand Project: One of the few world-class silica sand projects with an outstanding grade of 99.9% SiO2 purity.
Boyatup Silica Sand Project: Located about 125 km east of Esperance in Western Australia and is subtly different to projects at Arrowsmith and Muchea.
Who is in the VRX Silica executive team?
VRX Silica leadership team
  • Mr. Bruce Dennis Maluish B.Sc., BSc (Surv), Dip Met Min
    Mr. Bruce Dennis Maluish B.Sc., BSc (Surv), Dip Met Min
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Ian  Hobson A.C.I.S., ACSA, B.BUS, F.C.A., FCA, M.A.I.C.D., MA
    Mr. Ian Hobson A.C.I.S., ACSA, B.BUS, F.C.A., FCA, M.A.I.C.D., MA
    Company Sec.