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What does VOXX International do?
VOXX International (NASDAQ:VOXX) is a company that specializes in automotive electronics, consumer electronics, and biometrics technology. Its operations span the creation and distribution of a diverse range of products, including audio products, vehicle security systems, remote start systems, and digital TV tuners. VOXX sets itself apart through its innovative approach, focusing on high-quality, state-of-the-art technology solutions that enhance user experiences. The company's projects often revolve around developing new products or refining existing ones to meet the current technological and consumer demands. Objectives for VOXX International focus on sustaining growth, expanding market reach, and continuing to deliver cutting-edge products that cater to a rapidly evolving consumer landscape.
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What sector is VOXX International in?

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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for VOXX International ?

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Head Office
Orlando, United States

What year was VOXX International founded?

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What does VOXX International specialise in?
/Consumer Electronics /Automotive Entertainment /Wearable Technology /Digital Broadcasting /Premium Audio Products /Global Distribution

What are the products and/or services of VOXX International ?

Overview of VOXX International offerings
Automotive electronics, including rear-seat entertainment systems, security and remote start systems, offering convenience and safety features for vehicles.
Premium audio products through brands like Klipsch, offering high-quality speakers, headphones, and home audio systems.
Consumer electronics, including accessories for mobile devices, connectivity products, and personal sound amplification products, catering to everyday tech needs.
Biometrics security solutions, providing advanced facial recognition and fingerprint technology for secure access control.
Health and wellness products, focusing on wearable health tracking devices and personal safety products to promote a healthier lifestyle.
Wireless and Bluetooth technology, offering innovative solutions for wireless audio, home automation, and mobile communications.

Who is in the executive team of VOXX International ?

VOXX International leadership team
  • Mr. Patrick M. Lavelle
    Mr. Patrick M. Lavelle
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Loriann  Shelton
    Ms. Loriann Shelton
    Senior VP, COO & CFO
  • Mr. Charles Michael Stoehr
    Mr. Charles Michael Stoehr
    Senior VP & Treasurer
  • Mr. T. Paul Jacobs
    Mr. T. Paul Jacobs
    President & CEO of Premium Audio Company, LLC
  • Mr. Ian  Geise
    Mr. Ian Geise
    President of VOXX Accessories Corporation
  • Mr. Edward David Mas
    Mr. Edward David Mas
    President & CEO of VOXX Automotive Corp.
  • Ms. Janine  Russo
    Ms. Janine Russo
    Corporate Secretary