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VOC Energy Trust (NYSE:VOC) is a statutory trust primarily involved in the production and development of oil and natural gas properties. Its operations focus on securing and managing profitable projects in the energy sector, leveraging partnerships and strategic agreements to optimize production capabilities and revenue streams. At its core, VOC Energy Trust is committed to maximizing distributions to its unitholders through effective oversight of its conveyance of net profits interests in certain properties held by Vess Oil Corporation and other related companies. The Trust's objectives center around sustaining and enhancing its asset portfolio's value, ensuring consistent financial performance, and exploring new opportunities within the energy market to secure long-term growth and prosperity for its stakeholders.
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Houston, United States

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/Oil Production /Natural Gas /Revenue Distribution /Energy Investments /Royalty Trust /Fossil Fuels

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Overview of VOC Energy Trust offerings
Production and sale of oil and natural gas, with a focus on maximizing returns from mature, long-lived properties.
Distribution of net profits from the production of oil and gas to unit holders, providing a steady income stream.
Management of mineral interests in oil and gas properties, ensuring the efficient exploitation and development of resources.
Engagement in hedging activities to reduce the impact of oil and gas price volatility, securing more stable financial performance.
Strategic acquisitions of interests in oil and gas properties to expand the portfolio and enhance profitability.
Participation in development and exploration activities to sustain production levels and reserve base, supporting long-term growth.